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when you throw it

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Q: What is an overhead pass in volleyball?
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What is another name for an overhead pass in volleyball?

push pass

What is another name for overhead pass in volleyball?


Why is the overhead pass or set important in volleyball?

The overhead pass is an important skill for passing a ball and making a set to attackers

When you pass in volleyball the ball should contact your?

Forearms or hands and fingers if overhead passing.

What is overhead pass?

An overhead pass is a pass passed over another players head

What does overhead pass mean?

An overhead pass is a pass thrown overhead. This is done by grabbing the ball with both hands and bringing it behind your head. After that, just chuck the ball forwards. That is an overhead pass.

What is a attack in volleyball?

An attack in Volleyball is an overhead hit, such as a hit by an Outside or a back row attack.

How do you pass a volleyball?

To pass a volleyball you must bump it with the inside of your arms and your hands together.

Do you have to use a forearm bump pass when receiving the serve in volleyball or can you use an overhead pass?

When the serve first comes over the net, the first return must be a bump, but when it comes over and someone bumps it, then you can do an over hand pass

What is a overhead pass in volleyball?

When you pass the ball above your head using your fingertips and push the ball upward. It can be used defensively like a dig or bump, as a set to a hitter, or to push the ball over the net.

What are some types of passes in volleyball?

Set, bump, overhead, spike, serve, pass, block, dig. Check out the related links to find out information on the different passes.

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