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Q: What is an overhand sevrive in volley ball?
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What is the basics skills in volley ball?

there are three basic skills involved: bumping (passing) setting and hitting (spiking) to be a good volleyball player you should be at least somewhat familiar with all three

What is another name for overhand pass?

its in sports where you swing your ball forward and over. questions? bye! luv, sevie121

How do you say you like volley ball in french?

Volley, volley-ball

How do you say volleyball in French?


How do you say volley-ball in Quebec?

volley ball in quebec

When would you use a volley pass in volleyball?

you would use... a pass/ bump to control the ball once it comes back over a set/ overhand pass to get the ball nice and high to the hitter a hit/ spike to smash the ball in the other teams face!

Are the balls the same for beach volley ball and indoor volley ball?

No the ball for volleyball is much lighter

What is a dive in volley ball?

A dive is when you go for the ball [To fall on the ground or to land on knees to hit the volley ball]

Do ethiopians play volley ball?

yes, Ethiopians play volley ball but there are not widely known by it.

What are the NGB rules for volleyball?

1.) not to fight in volley ball 2.) not to fight over the ball 3.) not to run away with the ball 4.) never to curse at the volley ball teacher 5.) do what the volley ball teach say

How much people make up a volley ball court?

there are 6 people on a volley ball cort

What are the five skills ofa volleyball game?

block, set (volley), bump(pass), serve (underhand and/or overhand),and spike