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Q: What is an original 1903 world series poster worth?
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How much would an original 1932 yankees vs cubs world series poster be worth today?

1932 New York Yankees Chicago Cubs World Series posterAn original 1932 New York Yankees Chicago Cubs World Series poster would have a value in the $4,000. price range but most if not all poster that are being sold are reproductions. The reproduction posters are commonly found on eBay selling in the $10.00 price range.B e careful if they are listed as original, as the original posters are very rare and price would be in 1,000's. If the bidding is low this should send up a red flag.

What is the original union pacific grand opening 1869 poster worth?


Original Poster of Ain't Misbehavin and sheet music from the 1929 version how much is it worth?

Depending on what a collector is willing to pat for it.

How much is a life size Dale Earnhardt Sr. Nascar Busch Series poster worth?


How much are the photo's worth from the beatle white album?

By themselves, not much. But with the original vinyl, cover, and poster, up to $130 on eBay.

What is an original 8mm film of 1956 World series at Ebbets field worth?

Do not know the value. Would be interested in finding out more details about the film.

How much is a 2007 World Series baseball worth?

I would have to say that a world series 2007 baseball would be worth 1000

What is the value of a Hillary Duff poster?

It is worth at least fifteen bucks but a poster of when she was young is worth about 30.

My brother has the original wanted poster with Baby Face Nelson and John Dillinger's pictures. Who or where would I be able to get the worth of it?

I'll give you $10.

What is the value of an original colt 45 auto gold cup series 70?

the original colt gold cup 70 series is worth about 1,000 dollars roughly

Value of original 1964 World Series newspaper front page?

Many of them are worth close to $75 each. The price of the paper will vary depending upon the condition that it is in.

What is a 1968 world series vinyl record worth?