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Q: What is a 1968 world series vinyl record worth?
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How much is a Billy Joel vinyl record worth?

Depends on the record. If it's the original Cold Spring Harbor vinyl or the Souvenir vinyl record, then you're looking at $30-$100. Most others are worth around $5.

How much is a vinyl Mozart record worth?

Little to nothing. Classical music on vinyl has no demand, and as such isn't worth anything.

How much is a vinyl record of John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Speech worth?

A vinyl record of JFK's Inaugural Speech is worth only about ten dollars to sixty-five dollars.

HOW much is Elvis Presley RCX-131 vinyl record worth?

it is worth about 5 million dollars.

How much is a vinyl 7 inch record of Hey Jude by the Beatles on the white apple label?

i have a vinyl 1968 7 inch hey jude how much is it worth beatles record

What is a 1967 Cardinals World Series record album with Harry Caray and Jack Buck worth?


How much is John F. Kennedy the presidential years 1960-1963 vinyl record worth?

how much is a record of JFK presidential years 1960-1963 is worth

What are your old vinyl records worth?

Trying to find out the worth of your vinyl records can be a tedious task. There are quite a few factors to consider when determining the value of your vinyl record collection such as:The Release DateThe Condition of the Vinyl RecordLimited Release/DiscontinuedSealed or notRare or Bizarre ArtworkPromotional Vinyl RecordsIf you are a beginner, the easiest way to grade the value of your vinyl records is to pick up a copy of the Vinyl Records Price Guide, or to find a local dealer to appraise the record in person.

How can you tell if your unopened moody Blue Elvis Presley vinyl record is on blue or black vinyl without opening it and lowering the resale value?

There is no way to discern if the album itself is on blue or black vinyl without opening it up. However, all records (including this one) will be worth allot IF it remains "unplayed" (i.e. in pristine condition and unplayed). If you look closely at any 45 or 33 there is a "black band" that is NOT a "music track" and is located closest to the label of the record. There you will find a series of numbers and letters. This series of numbers, along with the actual condition record and its jacket, will determine the value of the record. Needless to say, if your album is on blue vinyl and was produced in 1977 you have a valuable record.

How much is Elvis Presleys Moody black vinyl record worth today printed in Canada?


How much is a Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 Vinyl Collectors Edition record worth?

It depends on what condition it is in

The Story of Star Wars Original Soundtrack Record Vinyl 1977 worth?

One Billion Dollars.

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