What is an opposite in volleyball?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The opposite hits a five, which is when the setter back sets the ball. The opposite can also set if the setter digs the ball. Usually opposite are left handed, because they hit on the right side of the court and it is easier.

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An "opposite hitter" is another name for a Right Side Hitter, who is usually the best spiker and offensive player on the court.

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Q: What is an opposite in volleyball?
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How do you pike in volleyball?

YOu can spike in volleyball when you hit the ball down on the opposite team.

What is the third referee in volleyball?

There are 4 reffs in volleyball in no order there is an up refa down ref and 2 line refs who stand on opposite corners

What if you dig the ball into your body in volleyball?

you should do a barrel role in the opposite way the person is coming

What is weakside hitter in volleyball?

The weakside hitter is in right front (RF). They are normally opposite the setter.

Block in volleyball?

When the opposite team spikes a ball at you and you spike it right back in their face and then you must say take that!

In a volleyball came when someone is serving if the bicep is the agonist What is the antagonist muscle?

Your Triceps would be as its the opposite muscle to your Biceps

What does serve out mean in volleyball?

When the referee calls "serve out" it means that the serve landed outside of the volleyball court and is therefore out of play. When this happens, the team opposite the server's gets a point and gets to serve ball.

Does volleyball have outs?

Yes..... if the other team hits it over the net and goes out of boundaries, it is called out and the opposite team will get to serve. @('.')@

What is the goal in receiving a serve in volleyball?

to bump set and spike it back to the opposite team ,kill the ball.

What position does OP stand for in volleyball?

The "op" is short for "opposite". Most of the time, it's seen as "Opp", or "RS", which is short for "Right Side" because opposite and right side is the same position.

What is screening in volleyball?

"Screening" is when the opposite team is serving and has its hitters, or offensive players, at the net and purposely blocking the other team's view of their server.

What is a serve error in volleyball?

A serve error is when the ball fails to land in the 30x30 courton the opposite team's side. If the ball touches any part of the body of a player on the opposite side and goes out, it is considered good. I hope this helps(: