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She is a WNBA player.

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Q: What is an nba women basketball player?
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Who was the first female NBA basketball player?

there are no women in nba they are in another organization called WNBA( Women National Basketball Association)

Who was the first black women basketball player in the nba?

no one

What is the difference in NBA and the WNBA?

The NBA is a basketball league for men. While the WNBA is a basketball league for women. (WNBA - Women's National Basketball Association) (NBA - National Basketball Association)

Which women's basketball team won the first NBA championschip?

There are no women's teams in the NBA.

What is the WNBA?

The Women's National Basketball Association(WNBA) is the NBA for women basketball players

Who was the black basketball player in the NBA?

90% of the NBA

Why they say that basketball is for men only?

Then they are wrong. Basketball is for men and women. That is why they have the NBA and WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association).

Is Dwyane Wade is the best basketball player in the NBA?

No, Dwyane Wade is not the best basketball player in the NBA. He is talented, no doubt, but no one considers him the best basketball player in the NBA by far. The top two are said to be LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

What is the average shoe sizes for a NBA basketball player?

The average shoe sizes for a basketball player in NBA is between size 14 to 15.

The first player to ever play NBA basketball?

There was not a first person to play NBA basketball ,ritard, basketball is played in teams.

What does a NBA basketball player do?

Well, first they have to get picked by an NBA (National Basketball Association) team. Then they play basketball.

What does it mean when an NBA player is signed?

it means that they're in NBA basketball

What are the daily tasks of an NBA player?

love the basketball...protect the basketball...shoot the basketball

Is there a basketball player by the last name prier?

is there a nba basketball player with last name prier

Who is the greatest basketball player ever in the NBA or WNBA?

the greatest basketball player is wilt chamberlain

Is Paul Pierce the best basketball player in the world?

I think he is the best basketball player in the NBA.

What percentage of female basketball players make NBA teams?

none. -_- this is correct but not because women aren't good basketball players. It's because the NBA is for men only. Women play in the WNBA: Women's National Basketball Association

What current occupations are still unavailable to women?

uh i don't know maybe an NBA basketball player because they have WNBA for ladies.

How tall is the average NBA basketball player?

The average height for a nba player is 6 foot 7

Who is NBA player Kris Humphrie?

well he is a basketball player

What basketball player is gay?

Jason Collins- THe first openly gay male basketball player in the NBA

What size of basketball does a NBA player use?

they use an nba sized ball

What is Stephen Curry?

He is A NBA Basketball Player and Play for 4 years in the nba

What do you do when you are a NBA basketball player?

play good

What does LeBron James do?

Plays basketball for the Miami heat other than Michael Jordan lebron #6 is an ok nba basketball player in the nba basketball history.