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An interception in flag football involves the possession of the ball being stolen from the offensive team by the defensive team. Specifically, an interception involves a defensive player catching a ball intended to be caught by an offensive player.

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Q: What is an interception in flag football?
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When a defensive player catches a ball in football?

Interception interception

What is a pic-six?

It is an interception touchdown in football.

What does int stand for in sports?

Interception, in football.

A pass that is legally caught in football?

a reception, not an interception

When does a defensive player catches a pass on football?

An Interception.

What do football players yell during an interception and why?


What is it called when a defensive player catches the football?


Flag football rules vs tackle football rules?

In flag football their is a flag if you tackle.

In American football how is recovering the football defined?

It can be defined as many things depending on how you lost it for example for a fumble t be recovered it is called a fumble recovery and an interception is just called an interception

What is a interception in a football game?

An interception is when the quarterback throws the football, and the wide receiver tries to catch the football, but there's 1 problem. The other guy on the other team catches the football, so you've gotta ask yourself 1 thing: who was in the better position for the ball? Actually it was whoever caught the football, so if the other guy on the other team caught the football, then he was in a better position. Also, that's called an interception.. in football.

What is it called when the defense catches the football in the offense's goal area?


What is pick 6 in football?

its an interception by a member of the defense who then runs it for a touchdown.

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