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That is when you walk the batter on purpose, by intentionally throwing 4 pitches out of the strike zone, hopefully far out enough where he can't hit it.

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Q: What is an intentional walk in baseball?
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What does ibb mean in baseball?

IBB = Intentional Bases on Balls which is also known as an intentional walk

Is swinging at a intentional walk in baseball unsportsmanlike?

No it is fact there have been several base hits made from swinging at an intentional walk pitch.

What does IBB stand for in baseball?

IBB stands for Intentional Base on Balls, also known as an intentional walk.

Can a player back up a catcher during an intentional walk in major league baseball?

no, a player cannot back up a catcher in an intentional walk.

Is an intentional walk considered a time at bat?

No. An intentional walk is still marked in the books as a walk. They are plate appearances, but not at-bats.

Can a batter swing during an intentional walk?

Yes, there are no rules in baseball stating what kind of pitch a batter may swing at. It wouldn't be wise to swing at a pitch thrown during an intentional walk, but if the batter wanted to it would be legal.

What is an example of an intentional act?

I walk over and smash out some ones windshield, my I intention was to smash out the windshield . thus intentional act. it wasnt an accident, it was intentional.

Is swinging at a intentional walk in baseball unsportsman like?

no, u are aloud to attempt to hit the ball even when they purposely walk you because they shouldn't walk u its not something u should intentionally do but it appens all the time with big hitters

What is a pitch called when you throw a ball outside the strike zone to walk a guy on purpose?

It's called an intentional walk.

Why is the pitcher required to throw four balls for an intentional walk?

The reason for this is that the pitcher must throw 4 balls in order for it to be a walk.

Why is an intentional walk in a close baseball game rarely a good idea?

An intentional walk usually happens for one of two reasons: - to fill an empty first base and enable a force out at second, third or home, or set up a double play - to avoid an exceptional hitter and pitch to a weaker batter following him Unless there are two outs already, an intentional walk is a risky choice. It may yield an additional, perhaps winning run on a home run, or allow the walked runner to advance to second or third (hence reach scoring position). Any walk that loads the bases could allow a run to score on another walk, or a hit batter.

What is a walk on?

what is a walk on in baseball

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