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Triathlon. Swimming, bicycle, running.... and doubtless some anorak will give you the distances for Olympic and Ironman triathlons.

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such as cycling, running, swimming

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The Triathalon

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Q: What is an event that contains three different sports?
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What three categories is sports massage divided into?

Pre-event, inter-event, and post-event.

An olympic event containing three sports?

Equine three day eventing is a competition between horses over a period of three days with each day a different event on each day. On day 1 a dressage test, it is different from normal dressage as you get juged on you movements but if you get 60% you then say i have 30% as you are looking for a lower score. So the higher your dressage score then you lower it will be. On day 2 a Cross Country or somethimes spelt as XC which test the strengh and stamina of the horse. There are natural jumps such as fallen logs of timber built jumps. The course is run over a few miles and the jumps quiet smaller than in the olden days as it is more techincal now. The more advanced the competition the longer the course. Also there is a set time and you get 1/4 of a penlty every second you run over also 20 penlty points for a refuals and elimination for 3 refusals and elimination for a fall. On day 3 show jumping running like any normal show jumping competition. Of course with 2 days of competition the horse is going to be worn out so you can't be to demanding. Day 3 is the day the winner will be decided. Eventing is a very risky and expensive sport but once you have masterd the sport there is a lot to be gained from it.

A sport that contains three sports?

The triatholon : swimming , biking , and running

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Bo Jackson

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Trance Energy is a Dutch trance music event. It usually contains three stages, each with different music: The "Mainstage" with regular trance music; the "Madhouse" with house and club music; and a third stage with edgier, less conventional trance music.

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What is the olympic event containing three sports?

there are 301 events in the olympic games including the women E.G.mens hockey.womens hockey posted by hevar

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What if three identical flasks contain three different gases at stp flask a contains ch4 flask b contains CO2 flask c contains n2 which flask contains the largest number of molecules?

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For what sports event is Matt Reed best known?

Matt Reed is a triathlete. A triathlon consists of three endurance disciplines (swimming, cycling and running).