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an equestrian vet is known as an 'equine vet'.

They study large animals, then specialize into horses.

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Q: What is an equestrian vet?
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What do you call a horse doctor?

equestrian vet

On Howrse what if there is no vet?

If there was no vet, your equestrian centers rank would go down plus your horses boarding would get sick easier when put in the meadows.

What will happen if your pregnant mare on howrse is in a equestrian centre without a vet?

You will pay more to call the vet from out of town, but your mare will still give birth just fine.

What are people that look after horses called?

Cares for in barn: A groom. Cares for when hurt: The vet. Cares for in arena: The person who is riding the horse, cares for the horse in the arena, so the equestrian. Unless the equestrian is a beginner and/or doesn't know what to do in an emergency, it is the equestrian responsibility.

How do you drop your foal on Howrse?

When your mare reaches 12 months in gestation, make sure she is in a Equestrian Centre. You will get a pop up saying to "get the vet"

How long does an equestrian have to go to school to be an equestrian?

There are no educational requirements to become an equestrian.

Where did equestrian originate?

equestrian originated in england

Where did equestrian start?

Equestrian started in france

What is an equestrian competitor called?

Simply, an equestrian!

How can you find a good equestrian centre on Howrse?

i believe that the bet equestrian center is Equestrian Center 101

What is US Equestrian Federation's motto?

United States Equestrian Federation's motto is 'All Things Equestrian'.

In what year equestrian was invented?

what year was equestrian invented

What are equestrian races?

equestrian races are the racing of horses.

What could be a sentence with the word equestrian in it?

i was in-voled in an equestrian program

What is the feminine gender of equestrian?

As a female, and as an equestrian, I have never before heard of a feminine gender of equestrian before.

What is a British Equestrian?

A British Equestrian is a person who rides horses in Britain.

What is an Equestrian sport called?

An Equestrian sport is the sport of horseback riding.

How do you get into the youth equestrian national team?

I am not in the youth equestrian national team.

What mean federation equestrian international?

The Federation Equestrian International is the governing body of equestrian sports. The FEI headquarters are based out of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Does SCAD have an equestrian team?

Yes, SCAD does have an equestrian team. See

How do you buy passes for your equestrian center?

You don't buy passes for your equestrian center. You buy passes for your account, and then you can use those passes for your equestrian center.

Where can you purchase equestrian boots?

Equestrian boots are used in the sport of horseback riding. They can be purchased at specialty tack shops such as Equestrian Collections and Stateline Tack.

What does el primo equestrian club means?

It means: The first equestrian club

When was equestrian invented?

equestrian was invented in 1856 b.c. and the word was invented in 1855

What does equestrian mean?

An equestrian is a person who works with horses. They might be a rider or trainer.