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Open Bowling 120, league bowling 140.

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Q: What is an average score for a women bowler?
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What is the average score for a bowler?

the average score is 150 for men, I would say 130 for women

What is the dudes average score at bowling?

The bowler's average was never disclosed.

Should the base score in bowling be increased if a bowler's average increases to above the base score?


What is average bowling score for 89 year old man?

With the advent of better, lighter bowling balls, there isn't a set average. A lot depends on the ability of the bowler and skills of the bowler.

Who can score points in badminton?

The bowler.

What is an average golf score for women?

Women usually score about 100 through 18 holes.

What is the anwer to thids A bowler scores 3152 points in 16 games. What is his average score in points per game?

197 ppg

Can a bowler throw a score of 96 and have a strike?

If they open a lot.

What is highest score of bowler in cricket world cup matches?


What is the average IQ score for a 22 year old women?


What is the average bowlers score in the usbc?

It is probably about 160 for men and 140 for women.

Average average of a pro bowler?

about 227 per game

What would be a good score for a beginning bowler?

Probably around 90 to 100

What is the speed of the fast bowler?

to be Considered a Fast-bowler you have to have a minimum average bowling speed of 85mph

Who was the youngest bowler to score a hat-trick in one day cricket?

Aaqib Javed

What does handicap game mean in bowling?

It is the score bowled plus the bowler's handicap added to it.

Average salary of a professional bowler?

35,000 dollars

What is the average to be a professional bowler?

Your retartded for asking this question

How fast is a average cricket ball?

It really depends on the bowler. if the bowler is slow, medium or fast. if the bowler was slow it is about 89kmh, medium about 120kmh, fast about 145kmh

What is the average bowling score of a seventeen years old?

There is no real way to know the average score because every ones average will be different. I am 17 and i average around a 140 but i have just started bowling again about a week ago. i used to bowl when i was younger and had a higher score. How much the ball weighs, how serious you are, how often you do it. Are you consistent about the ball, where you stand, and how you release the ball. All these factors change for each bowler, so there is no real average.

There are 4 bowlers whose scores are 132 140 145 128 what is the average score for each bowler?

132 + 140 + 145 + 128 = 545/4 = 136.25

How many strikes does a professional bowler average?

they average 6 to 7 a game

How can you calculate the average of an bowler?

Number of runs given by the bowler divided by no.of wickets taken by him at the same time....

What is the average score for NCAA game?

Average winning score 76 Average losin score 68

Who is the first Indian bowler to score a hat trick in the Cricket World Cup?

chetan sharma