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They are one of the officials in soccer. There is only one referee on the pitch, but there are other officials. One is the assistant referee. They watch the game and may assist the referee by keeping in contact by radio. They can look after things like timing the match and dealing with the substitutions. If the referee has to come off and be replaced, like if they got injured, the assistant referee could take over.

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Q: What is an assistant ref soccer?
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Why do soccer players raise their hands?

To signal an offside or foul to the refs assistant or ref himself.It is not anything written in stone,but a behavior that has developed over the years throughout soccer.

What age do you have to be to ref soccer?


What is the duty of an assistant soccer ref during a penalty kick?

The assistant checks whether the goalkeeper is on his line or not, as well as making sure the players stay outside the box before the player kicks the ball.

When does the ref in a soccer game determine that it is over?

he has a watch

How much does a soccer ref make?

On average, you make 25 bucks refing rep soccer

Is netball judged?

Its not judge it has an umpire like how soccer has a ref

How many refEries ref a soccer game?

4 referies

How many referees are in a game of youth soccer?

3 ref.

Can a 15 year old ref a 19 year old girls soccer game?

yes just as long as you know what your doing because i had a younger kid ref my soccer game

What does an assistant soccer coach regulate?

The team.

How do you ref a soccer game?

you do things like call throw in s and stuff

Are soccer linesmens signals for the players?

They're for everyone: the ref, players and the public.

What are the names of the linesmen in a soccer game?

Assistant Referees

Soccer - ball hits ref and goes in net is it a goal?

yes it is a goal, the referee is part of the game when on the field, as with his assistant if he is on the line and the ball rebounds from him. just extremely poor refereeing if he's that close to play that the ball can deflect of him

What equipment does an assistant referee need for soccer?

An assistant referee DOES NOT need a whistle. They need a uniform (shirt, shorts, socks) and an assistant referee flag. That's pretty much it... oh, and soccer cleats will probably help!

What if the soccer ball goes in but bounces back is it a goal?

It is a goal but with England yesterday it is the luck of the ref.

Can you be a Soccer referee at 11 year olds?

I am pretty sure that you have to be 12 years old to be a referee. That's just my town though. In your town if you can be a referee at 11, then you would probably only be an AR. (assistant referee) I'm 12 and I ref for my town's intown soccer team and I was the youngest one there. Good luck!

How many minutes in an soccer game?

In a soccer game there is 90 minutes but if the ref or the officials. they can add on another 1 to 6 minutes at the end of the game.

What is an assistant referee?

An assistant referee is an official in soccer, previously known as a linesman, whose job it is to assist the referee.

What does a soccer assistant referee do?

The duties of an assistant referee are explained in Law 6 of the FIFA Laws of the Game. Basically, Assistant Referees are there to help the Referee.

What gesture is used by officials to signal the end of a soccer game?

The only thing the ref does to end the game is he blows his whistle three times. There are no physical gestures done by the ref.

How long is haltime in a professional soccer game?

It depends on the ref. but usually the max time is 15 min.

How much does a soccer referee make?

A premier league ref can make anywhere in the region 75000-100000

Does the the linemen make the most money?

no. if you are reffering to soccer/ futbol the center ref gets the most money.

Who is the assistant coach for the American women's soccer team?

David Beckham