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a football field

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Q: What is an americian football ground called?
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Related questions

Have Jamaica ever won a cup in football?

they have won Americian cups

Where is west ham's football ground?

West ham`s football ground is called the Boleyn Ground and its in Upton Park.

What is the name of the french football ground?

the football ground is called "le terrain de football / le terrain de foot"

What is Aston Villas football ground called?

Aston Villa's home ground is called Villa Park.

What is Liverpool's football ground called?


What is Portsmouths football ground called?


What is Charlton's football ground called?

the valley

What is the wolverhampton football ground called?

The Molineux.

What is Barcellona's football ground called?

Camp Nou

What is middlesbroughs football ground called?

The Riverside Stadium

What is Ipswich football ground called?

Portman road

What is the line in middle of football ground called?


What is the official name of west ham united football ground?

Its not Upton park that`s where it is the ground is called the Boleyn Ground.

Where is chelsea's football ground?

It is in London and it is called Stamford Bridge

What is it called in football when a player gets tackled by the ground?

A trip.

What is the name of Sunderlands football ground?

It is called the Stadium of Light.

What is scunthorpe united football ground called?

glanford park

What is Glasgow rangers football ground called?

Ibrox Stadium

What is the football ground called in Adelaide South Australia?

AAMI Stadium is the name

What is a footy ground?

A football ground is an oval shaped ground on which Australian football is played.

What is the football stadium called in Santorini?

was in Kamari in September: an example is Kamari Football Ground. Another football stadium is near Fira, I don't remember exactly.

What is 'spiking the football'?

There is two definitions for spiking the football. 1. When a player makes a touchdown and throws the ball on the ground, it's a spike. 2. When a quarterback needs to stop the clock in a game, they throw the football on the ground to stop it, which is called spiking.

What was sunderlands old football ground called before the stadium of light?

Roker Park

Why was Glasgow Celtic football ground called parkhead?

parkhead is the place in Glasgow where Celtic play

What was called the gun that tamed the Americian West?

The Colt Single Action Army revolver. AKA the Colt .45