What is an AFC team in football?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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AFC stands for the American Football Conference in the National Football League.

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Q: What is an AFC team in football?
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What football team is not a member of the AFC East?

The Miami Dolphins are not members of the AFC East :D

What football team does mark webber support?

Sunderland AFC

When was the AFC football team Oakland Raiders founded?


What football team does jack lear play in?

Tenby AFC in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers an AFC or NFC team?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are an AFC team, but originally they were an NFLteam until they were kicked out in 1969 (and subsequently are the oldest AFC team). They have since shown that being kicked out of the NFC was not exactly the worst thing in the world, having reached 15 AFC Championships and being the winningest team in the Super Bowl era. Karma.

Which football team plays at whaddon road?

Cheltenham Town FC and Gloucester City AFC

In what city is the Steelers football team situated?

The Steelers are an American football team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They currently belong to the National Football League and since 1970 are a part of the American Football Conference or AFC.

When did the Pittsburgh Steelers move to the AFC?

The Steelers have been in the American Football Conference (AFC) since 1970.They played in the AFC Central Division from 1970-2001 and then the AFC North Division from 2002 to the present.

What does AFC mean?

In the National Football League, AFC stands for American Football Conference.

What is the easternmost team in the western division of American football Conference pro football?

Geographically the eastern most team in the western division of the American Football Conference (AFC West) would be the Kansas City Chiefs.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers an AFC west south north or east team?

The Steelers are an AFC North team.

What does rochdale afc stand for?

Rochdale AFC - the AFC stands for Association Football Club. They are a professional club who currently play their football in League One in England.