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Q: What is all blacks uniform in1987?
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When was rakshabandhan in1987?

9th august

Who was president of the US in1987?

Ronald Reagan

Who will win All Blacks or France?

All Blacks

What are the All Blacks known as overseas?

"All Blacks" or NZ

Which group had an appetite for destruction in1987?

guns and roses

What is the date and day on sri Rama navami in1987?

The date and day on sri Rama navami in1987 is 7th April an Day was Tuesday.Rama Navami is the Hindu festival celebrated as the birth of Rama.

Who is the captian for the all blacks?

The All Blacks Captain is Richie McCaw :)

What country consumed the most Coca-Cola in1987?


Who were the winners of Veikkausliiga in1987?

The HJK were the winners of Veikkausliiga in 1987.

Who will the all blacks play this Saturday?

ho will the all blacks be playing this saturday

Why is the all blacks called the all blacks?

It is because they wear black clothing.

Who pays for the all blacks clothes?

adidas because they sponser the all blacks

How many grand slams did don mattingly hit in1987?

For his entire career he hit 6 grand slams and oddly enough they all were hit in 1987.

Who was the captain of the 1823 all blacks?

The All Blacks didn't play until about 1893.

Which irishman won tour de France in1987?

Stephen Roche

Which hispanic president won the Nobel Peace Prize in1987?


Who has the most ever caps in the all blacks?

Sean fitzpatric 92 tests,all blacks

What was the score for all blacks vs wales 2010 rugby?

it was 42 - 9 to the All Blacks

Who are the All Blacks and what sport do they play?

The All Blacks are the national Rugby Union team of New Zealand.

How many times have the wallabies beaten the all blacks?

How many times have the wallabies beaten the all blacks?

Was there a fight between the All Blacks and Wallabies when the All Blacks won 32 to 23 in 2011?


Why is the all blacks called all blacks?

If a horse is "all black", it means it has no white markings (socks, spots, or facial markings).

What rank is the all blacks at rugby?

As of 14 feb 2011 the All Blacks are number 1 with Australia 2nd.

Did the all blacks play in white?

Yes they do, but only occasionally. They are more famous for playing in black. Hence the name All Blacks.

What country is the All Blacks rugby team from?

All Blacks rugby team is from New Zealand. All Blacks rugby team doesn't compete in the World Cup, but it has competed in the Churchil Cup and in the Pacific Nations Cup.