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A good age to start is 16.

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Q: What is age for bodybuilding?
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What is is the perfect age for bodybuilding?

Through the evolution of bodybuilding the ideal age for bodybuilding seems to have changed dramatically. For example in the late 60s early 70s the so thought ideal age for bodybuilding was in the early twenties, then in the late 1970s the ideal age seemed to have moved up to the late 20s of an adults life. Nowadays it is thought that the ideal age for bodybuilding is the early 30s. I myself would believe this to be the right age as the testosterone is at an all time high in an adult's life. Along with this the average adult begins to gain roughly about two kgs per year after the age of 25. These two components of the average male's hormones at this age will help one to gain mass in muscle easier than at an early age. However, as far as I am concerned every age is the right age to start bodybuilding as it is a beautiful sport which teaches one discipline and how to succeed in life. Answered by Rex Cobalt

Is bodybuilding possible at the age of 53?

yes of course

What age can my twelve year old daughter do bodybuilding?

16 years old is the age i beleive

What is the ideal age to commence bodybuilding to maximize muscle hypertrophy?


At what age did salman khan started bodybuilding?

Salman Khan is an enthusiastic person. He is very concerned about his body. So he started his body building at young age of 25.

How do you get more veins in regards to bodybuilding?

veins come with age as your skin thins out.

Should underage bodybuilders be banned?

There is no legal age limit to start bodybuilding so, no.

What age did Bruce Lee started bodybuilding?

He didn't really "bodybuild." The goal of bodybuilding is to build mass and size. He worked out to become quick and tone. From his early teenage years I would guess.

What age group can males and females from India who now live in London do bodybuilding?

OVER 9000

How old do you need to be to take bodybuilding shacks?

Most all of them are probably OK at any age.

How much did Arnold Schwarzenegger weigh at age 16?

155lbs. It is listed in the modern encyclopedia of bodybuilding.

Can you start for bodybuilding at the age of 40?

of course. I guess you're too old not to be training!! :)

What are some online bodybuilding forums?

One can find Bodybuilding forums on several websites. Some of these websites are Bodybuilding, Elite Fitness, Advanced Muscle Science Lab and Body Active Nation.

Is strawberry is good for bodybuilding?

Yes it could be but its not the best food for bodybuilding

What are the disadvantages of bodybuilding and what are the affects as you age?

The disadvantages of bodybuilding is that it's dangerous because men intentially use drugs to become that while for females they will have infertility problems it will be difficult to become pregnant no only that it goes against you as you get older.the affects will be as you get older that it will start to wear off.

What is the best bodybuilding workout for women?

Bodybuilding at a later age in life requires more calcium intake and protein than someone who started building in their teens. At first you need to take it easy and begin with low impact exercises before engaging in strenuous activity.

Where can I purchase bodybuilding supplements online?

You could purchase bodybuilding supplements online at Amazon is a great website because there will be many bodybuilding supplements for you to choose from.

Who was the first person to do bodybuilding?

The first person to do bodybuilding was Eugene Sandow, that was in the 1890s.

What is the name of the prestigious bodybuilding competition in the world?

The Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Competition.

When was World Bodybuilding Federation created?

World Bodybuilding Federation was created in 1990.

When did World Bodybuilding Federation end?

World Bodybuilding Federation ended in 1992.

Who discovered Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding how it is known today was started by Eugene Sandow which used Michelangelo's "David" as inspiration. Charles Atlas was another man who helped the cause of Bodybuilding.

What is the difference beteween weightlifting and bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding is for people to tone up their body and not for muscle.

Is bodybuilding safe for teenagers?

Bodybuilding is a very safe sport for teenagers. Done properly bodybuilding can be very beneficial for the health and maturation of teenagers. There is a lot of contraversy surrounding the idea of teenagers training for muscular hypertrophy, that it can stunt your growth and encourage arthritis in older age. These however are all untrue if training is performed properly. Like any sport bodybuilding too has dangers. Overtraining is a major factor in inexperienced lifters and can cause injury and atrophy in the muscles. This can be avoided simply by consuming adequate nutrition and getting adequate rest.

Where can one find Arnold bodybuilding workouts?

One can find Arnold bodybuilding workouts when one goes to the website alongabbay. It is the most popular bodybuilding workout routine of Arnold Schwarzenegger.