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you stay in one position and dont guard a single player

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Q: What is a zone defense in basketball?
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What types of defense are there in basketball?

Man and zone.

What is zone defense?

A zone defense is a strategy used in a basketball game. Zone defense- a defensive strategy where everyone guards an area instead of a player.

What are 2 kinds of defense in basketball?

Man And Zone

What are two defense techniques in basketball?

man and the zone

Name three types of defenses in basketball?

Man-to-man Defense Zone Defense Press Defense

Two defense techniques in basketball?

the zone and player-player!

Meaning of Zone defense?

In basketball, the two types of defense a team mostly plays are called man-to-man and zone. The man-to-man defense is where the responsibility of a player on defense is to guard a player on the offense. In the zone defense, the responsibility of the player on defense is to patrol a specific area, or zone, of the court. Click on the 'Zone Defense' link on this page to read an article to learn more.

Can you play a zone defense in middle school basketball?

Yes yes yes yes

In basketball what defensive technique uses each player to guard a specific area?

Zone Defense

What is a 2-3 zone defense in basketball?

you stay in one position and dont guard a single player

What are some sports words that begin with the letter Z?

Zone defense is a sporting term in basketball, football and hockey.

What are two main defenses used by a standard basketball team?

Some well known basketball defenses are the 2-3 zone and the man to man defense.

Who invented the 1-3-1 zone defense?

The 1-3-1 zone defense in the game of basketball was invented by the Hall of Fame coach Clair Bee. Coach Bee became interested in zone concepts after observing the zone concepts of Coach Cam Henderson of Marshall University.

What are some easy youth basketball plays?

On defense, a 2-3 zone is pretty straightforward, as well as a man-to-man.

What was the hemispheric defense zone?

What was the Hemispheric Defense Zone?help me out guysA defense zone in World War 2 to protect American ships

Three types of defense?

Three types of defense in basketball are: • Zone • Man-to-Man • a Hybrid of the first two (box and one, diamond and one, or triangle and two) - now what does this have to do with memorabilia?

What is a 3-2 defense in basketball?

A three-two defense is a type of zone defense. In a zone, man-to-man defense is not played, and the entire team guards the other team. If the ball is moved onto the left side, the team shifts slightly to the left, and so on. To break a zone, the ball must be brought into the middle of the zone. In a 3-2 zone, the three guards are on the top of the three point line, and the two forwards and centers line up on the corner three point lines and near the basket.

What is the basketball team without possession of the basketball l?


Who invented zone defense in basketball?

Many basketballs teams just adapted to that style of play. I think it started around the Michael Jordan era.

What has the author Neal Baisi written?

Neal Baisi has written: 'Coaching the zone and man-to-man pressing defenses' -- subject- s -: Basketball, Defense

What is an illegal defense in basketball?

The one occurance of illegal defense in the NBA that I know about is the "3 seconds in the key" rule. If you're on defense and aren't aggresively guarding someone, you can't spend more than 3 seconds in the key at a time. This is a relatively new rule in the NBA, and it was made because zone defense is now legal in the NBA, but they wanted to have some restrictions on it (this rule). Before zone defense was legal, it was also "illegal defense."

Can defense push the offense in basketball?


How long is the restricted zone in basketball?

the zone inside the key

What is defense in basketball?

Defense in basketball is when a team is on their own side of the court defending their basket, so that the other team does not score on them.

What are some sports words that start with z?

Zone defense is a term in basketball, football and hockey. Zamboni is the name of the machine that cleans the ice at a hockey game.