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They are good but not the best.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-12 07:48:43
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Q: What is a zero skateboard like?
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Which has greater momentum a heavy truck or a skateboard?

skateboard.....if velocity is zero,then momentum is also zero.

Which skateBoard brand should you get I really like zero but I want your opinion I am 5 Ft 4-6 I forgot I also want to do some street and vert so what so i get?

If you like zero then get zero

Is zero a good skateboard?


What skateboard does chris cole ride?


What brand of skateboard deck is the most strongest?

zero and planb

Are Plan B skateboards better than Zero skateboards?

yes I have a Plan B skateboard and it is very good! f!@# off they are like zero have way better concave than plan B

Which skateboard brand is better - Zero or Habitat?

It depends on what you are planning to do with the skateboard.Clark

Does a seven ply skateboard indicate that it is a real skateboard?

From VooDoo 13;-If there's a piece of wood w/ wheels bolted to it, it's technically a 'real' skateboard. - Most skateboard decks like Santa Cruz, Creature, Bullet, Zero, Girl, Toy Machine & Flip are made of 7 ply maple wood. Blind and Darkstar have some 9 ply skateboards. Element makes a skateboard series which has a fiberglass strip inside of the board.

Ia zero skateboard better than an element skateboard?

Element decks in my personal opinion have more pop than zero decks, but zeros last longer. I prefer element. Element decks in my personal opinion have more pop than zero decks, but zeros last longer. I prefer element.

How do you say I like to I like to skateboard in German?

Ich mag es Skateboard zu fahren.

What is the best type of skateboard for goofy skaters?

zero, I know cuz im goofy

Is airwalk a good skateboard brand?

it is ok if you first start off when you get good get zero

In your opinion what is the best brand of skateboard?

in my opinion zero mystery or fallen are the best brands

Do skateboard accessories come with the skateboard?

Normally the skateboard sellers like "Betterscooter" providing all basic parts and accessories of a skateboard. If you are looking for other things like tools and fresheners then you have to buy this from other places.

Is the Zero New Blood skateboard Deck good?

An awesome board it should last you a while

Whats the best skateboard brand?

flip. alien workshop, zero, chocolate, girl

What skateboard did Bart Simpson ride?

a fishtale type skateboard im not sure its a real skateboard but you could easily modify a old school fishtale skateboard to make it like barts

What is a skateboard complete?

Is a skateboard that is ready to go. It comes with all the basics: griptape, trucks, bearings, wheels and, of course, the skateboard. Normally the skateboard companies only set their all time favorites skateboards as completes like the Element Section skateboard. There is online shopping sites where they will let you choose all the components for your skateboard (trucks, bearings, wheels, griptape, truck bushings, etc.) like and

What 's the best skateboard deck?

Plan B, Blind, Element,Almost,zero,and girl i skate girl

Do you like to skateboard?

Yes, I love to skateboard it is my most favorite thing to do i do it a bout 6 hours a day!

What a skate board demo?

well a skateboard demo would be kinda like a explanation or showing of how to skateboard

What wood is zero skateboard brand made of?

i am not sure but i think its hard rock Canadian maple like most other skate brands. The only thing i am sure of is that they are very durable an strong because i have one.

Does Vinny Castronovo like to skateboard?


Whats the best skateboard?

plan b p2, flip p2, zero p2, creature p2, and almost impact's

What is the most recommended deck for a skateboard?

Try Zero, Habitat, or Plan B; those top the lists for recommended decks.