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Q: What is a website that has good kid basketball shoes?
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Where can you find good Italian shoes?

Geox Kids Shoes - The Best Italian Shoe Brand For Kid Antiono Zengra is a good designer

Is small worlds a good kid website?


Does kid shoes fit the same as women shoes?


Where to get some kid shoe coupons online now?

You can find coupons for kids shoes in multiple places. first try flyers and the stores you buy your kids shoes from, then the official website of the brands of kids shoes you are looking for.

What are the best kid websites? it's the best website ever! My website: is also a really good website for kids!

What basketball player's nickname was the ''say hey kid''?

"Say hey Kid" was Willie Mays and it wasn't basketball it was baseball.

What is a good kids website for chemistry?

Skoool is good, it has chemistry, biology all sorts! i know i am a kid!

What is a good kid website?

A really good and safe kid website is It's fun, and you can make play fun games, but it's still safe. Enjoy. No go to and www.why do you think your

What is a good website for a 4 or 5 year old?

None Of Ua Bness Kid

What kind of children's or kid's shoes would be great for someone beginning to walk?

There is a brand of children's shoes called Robeez. They have gotten great reviews from parents everywhere. They are available for sale on Amazon's website.

What shoe companies offer online coupons?

Generally, a great website for discounts will be Since you are looking for both men's and kid's shoes, this site will offer discounts on shipping, and other discounts for your shoes.

What are the ways to shoot in basketball?

You bent down and hold your hands on the side of the ball (If your a kid) If your not a kid then bent down hold one hand on the bottom of the basketball and the other on the side of the basketball. Then, Jump! and aim the basketball properly!

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