What is a wd in netball?

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in Netball a wd, is a wing defence,

their job is to defend the wing attack and stop them from getting the ball.

sometimes the wing attack will have to help with center passes and penalties

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Q: What is a wd in netball?
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What does WD mean in netball?

WD is short for Wing Defence, a position on court.

What does WD stand for in netball?

wing deffence

How can you improve your regional netball WD skills?


What does the WD in netball do?

The WD defends the place near the goal circle. They are not aloud in the goal circle.

In the magic netball team who plays wd?

Joline Henry

What position is temepara clark in netball?

C, wa, wd

What does WD andWA mean in netball?

WD is short for Wing Defence and WA is short for Wing Attack, which are both positions on court.

How many players are there on court for a netball team?

there are 7 players on a netball court. GS GA WA C WD GD GK

Where can wing defence go in netball?

The WD in netball can only go in the centre 3rd and goal thrid but cannot go in the goal circle.

In netball which players may receive the center pass?

Gd, wd, ga, wa

How many player are there on a netball team?

There are 7 players on a netball team; C, WA, GA, GS, WD, GD, GK Hope that helps:)

Where is WD allowed on the netball court?

WD or Wing Defence is allowed in the first 2 thirds of the court, the third they are in and the middle third. They are not allowed in the goal circle.

How many members in a netball team?

There is 7 ,GA GS WA GD GK WD and C

How many people are on a netball team?

generally in normal netball there are 7 on a team, not including any reserves. They are GS, GK, WA, WD, GA, GD and C. There are 14 people playing at once - 7 per team. If you play primary school 'Hi-5' netball then there is only 5 per team, not including reserves - they are the same positions as normal netball but without WA and WD

What is WD job in netball?

WD Is very important in a game of netball because they work great when it the other teams turn for centre pass.WD and WA are the only ones who cant go in the goal circle apart from centre and because of this they come in handy to get in a better position for shooting

What does the wing attack does in netball?

WA defends the WD on the other team and works at getting the ball to their goal circle.

How many players are in a netball team?

Their are 7 GA,GD,GK,GS,C,WA and WD :) xx

How many players is there on a netball team?

there are 7 players GS GA WA C WD GD GK

How many players make a netball team?

Seven - GS, GA, WA, C, WD, GD, GK.

What are the responsibilities of the center in netball?

It is when both WA/GS/GD/WD are not free from their opponent that is when Centre positionruns in for the ball.

In netball where on the court can wd go?

wd can go in the top left hand or the top right hand corner by the goal kepper [g k] or the goal shotter [g s]

Players and positions in netball?

there are seven players on each team (gk, gd, wd, c, wa, ga, gs)

What are the Defenders called om a netball team?

The defenders in a netball team are: Goal defence (GD) Goal Keeper(GK) Wing Defence(WD) Centre is considered a defender and an attacker(C)

How many people do there need to be in a netball team plus substitute?

Answermax. 12C, GA, GD, WA, WD, GS, GK

Who marks wing attack in netball?

WA is marked by WD WD stands for wing defence.when ever you see and d or k it means defence eg GD = goal defence or GK =goal keep