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stretch, throw, jog, bunt, hit whiffles, softtoss, and pitch a little if you are starting or in relief

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Q: What is a warm up softball players use before a game?
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Does a team warm up before they play in a Baskerball game?

Yes, basketball players warm up before they play.

Why do coaches always require players to do warm up exercises before a game?

So that they can warm up and be in good mood for the game

How many minutes does a soccer team warm-up before a game?

There is no set time for a pre-game warm up. Players are allowed to train and warm up for aslong as they want.

What players do before they start playing?

the players warm up before they start play

What does a coach do in netball?

A coach coaches the players. They warm them up before the game and do some drills. During the game the coach could shout what the players need to do more off, E.G: 'Mark your players!' (mark the opposition). After the game, they would do a cool down with the players, and then tell them what the did well, and what to improve on. Coaches also need to MOTIVATE the players too!

What player do before they start playing?

the players warm up before they start play

What do professional football players do before a match?

They run and warm themselves .

What is warm wet forest called?


Need some softball drills for warmups?

Im not sure what you mean by softball drills for warm-up. Just make sure to be warmed up before doing the softball drills. It's advisable now to use dynamic exercises to warm yourself up. If you want to use softball drills as warm-up make sure to use drills that are not strenuous that may cause strain. Make sure you modify the drills by lowering the intensity of the softball drills.

What is warm up area in volleyball?

The warm-up areas, are approximately 3 x 3 m and are located in both of the benchside corners, outside the free zone. It's the space where the players can do some warm-up exercises before the game.

Does cold softball travel further than a warm softball?

no, it goes further when it is warmed up

How must be a warm up before a game?

Yes,you need to warm up before you play or you will hurt yourself.

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