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a volleyball ace is when a server serves and the ball either hits the floor on the other side, or someone 'shanks it', which means that they give a really bad pass that gives the serving team the point.

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Q: What is a volleyball ace?
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What is ace in volleyball?

an ace in volleyball is when one team serves the ball and the other team cant return it. then the team that served the ball gets an ace

Ace in volleyball?

An ace in volleyball is when you serve the ball and it hits the ground on the other side with out any one touching it.

What is clinic ace?

it is like a clinic to help people to where the can get an ace in volleyball i think

What is an ace in softball?

There is no such thing as an ace in softball; you might be thinking of volleyball or tennis.

What is an ace in volleyball?

an ace is when your team serves it over and the opponets didn't touch the ball at, but it was in.

When the volleyball is svered no one hits it it is called?


What are good in volleyball?

An ace, a kill ,a shank,and obviously a point.

When a team makes a point directly from a service in volleyball what is that called?


What are some awesome volleyball chants for ace block and kill?

ace: AHHH ace block: ahhh in yo face kill: chick chick BOOM

Ace cheers for volleyball?

some are ace ace baby 1 2 3 ace uno dos trice ace A (pop the collar) C (pop the other collar) E (pop both collars) ACE (stomp)

What is a good volleyball quote?

kiss my ace you can hit on us... but you can't score.

How many points for an ace?

1 There is no difference between an 'ace" (a point won on the service) and any other rally point in volleyball.

What are the top volleyball cheers?

For an ace: Ace! A-C-E! All Ace! Ace, Ace, in your face! For a kill: Chick, Chick, BOOM! Bump it, Set it, Spike it, that's the way we like it! Bump kill, bump kill! For a block: Access DENIED! No way, Hosea!

What is the definition of the volleyball term ace?

An ace is when a ball is served and it either falls to the ground with no one touching it or it is shanked (passed badly on one hit) off of a player.

Cheers for 7th grader's volleyball team?


What is a service ace?

for volleyball, a service ace is when you serve the ball over the net and the ball served touches the court without anyone else touching it, meaning that it was a perfect serve.

What are the terms used in volleyball?

Kill, Serve, Ace, Set, Pass, Dig, Assist, Up, Serve Recieve

What is awarded in volleyball when a server scores a point with no volley?

The server receives an "ace" and the point is awarded to the serving team.

What is ace used for in volleyball?

An ace is when a person from one team served to the opposing side and nobody on the opposing side could bump the ball so the ball drops without anybody bumping it.

What does ace mean in volleyball?

An ace is when the ball is served over the net and the receiving team either doesn't hit it at all, or only hits it once and the ball is not returned back over the net.

What is it called when one team scores a point on every serve in volleyball?

If you serve the ball, and nobody touches it on the opposing team, it is called an "ace".

What happens when a team wins the serve?

If you're talking about volleyball, the team who served and wins the serve gets a point. it's called an ace.

What is the object of the game for volleyball?

The object of the game is to serve the ball over the net and touch the floor on the other side to score a point. If you serve the volleyball over the net and it hits the floor inside of the boundary lines- its called an ace.

Can you have an ace when blocking the volleyball?

You can't have an ace when blocking. Aces only happen when someone serves the ball and either a player on the other team cannot touch the ball in any way or touches the ball one time and a teammate cannot get to it and put it back in play therefore there is no way a block can be an ace.

How do you say volleyball in German?

der Volleyball= volleyball Volleyball spielen= to play volleyball