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it's when you jump straight up and dunk a Basketball

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Q: What is a vertical dunk?
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How do you dunk on nba2k11?

Increase your dunk, which is the success rate of making the dunk. Also increase your vertical to jump higher and dunk easier as well as the ability to grab rebounds easier.Improve your dunk with skill points (success of dunking and ability to contact dunk) and increase your vertical to jump higher. If you increase your vertical you also have the ability to grab rebounds easier.

What is a slam dunk?

a amazing dunk with power vertical leap that makes the crowd cheer

How high should your vertical have to be to dunk?

approx 36+

How do you get dunk packages on nba 2k13?

Get your vertical high

Why can't I dunk with my point guard on my player in NBA 2k11?

You may have to upgrade your vertical and dunk attributes, the standing dunk is useful sometimes too.

How do you dunk on NBA 2k11 for PlayStation 3?

Improve your dunk and vertical (myplayer mode), read the manual for controls.

How do you dunk on nba 2k11?

Increase your dunk for success rate and vertical to jump higher (myplayer mode). Look in the booklet/manual to control or dunk etc.

How high do you need to jump to slam dunk if im 6foot 3 and is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. It depends on how long your arms are and your vertical jump. I would say if you could have a 20-26 in. vertical, you could dunk, not easily, but you could still dunk.

What can you do to increase your vertical leap and can how can i dunk at 5'8 and 19yrs old?

nothing ... =]

Can kemba walker dunk?

Yes He Can he has a 39.5 inch vertical jump.

Do hyper-dunk shoes increase vertical?

no there just lighter and its easier to jump

Will i beable to dunk if i lose weight i currently weigh 110kg and 5''11 and 5cm from the rim?

no. you need to increase your vertical more to dunk.

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