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Q: What is a under trained gym person?
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Is a person trained ON or trained IN Human Rights?

A person is trained in human rights.

Where is the area in the gym where young greek males trained in the skills of war?


Can you buy Automated External Defibrillators for a school gym?

A Automated External Defibrillators is a great idea for a school gym in case of emergencey. The gym staff will need to be trained on using the machine.

What is a trained smoker?

A trained smoker is a person who is trained not to smoke cigarette's.

How often should gym equipment be maintained?

Gym equipment should be maintained often, maybe every week or so. Gym equipment should be trained with once a day at the very least. If you don't want to buy gym equipment, go to a local gym/fitness center.

Is gym suitable for old person?

Yes, a gym is very suitable for an older person. The more exercise an older person gets the better.

What is the definition of 'gym instructor'?

A gym instructor is a person who instructs physical activity within a gym based environment

How many square meter per person in a gym?

one person requires 9 square meter area in gym

How do you get in the last gym?

you dive under water

What is a person trained to be a record keeper?


What gym does George St Pierre train at?

Primarily at Tristar Gym in Montreal, Canada (, and is trained by Faras Zahabi. He also trains at Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts ( with Greg Jackson. He also trains (or has trained) at various other martial arts schools/gyms sometimes.

What do you do to get the third gym leader to go to the gym?

I own Sapphire and I just went from slateport through to mauville then I trained up and challenged the gym. If you are talking about new mauville just go to that fisherman you always see and surf right untill you see a cave (not that far).