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It's a dirt bike that uses a 2-stroke engine.

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Q: What is a two stroke dirt bike?
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What is the difference a cr dirt bike and a crf dirt bike?

A cr dirt bike is a two stroke. A crf is a four stroke, hence the f.

Which is faster a two stroke dirt bike or a four stroke dirt bike?

Two strokes can accelerate faster but it depends on engine size

Is a Yamaha pw 80 a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke dirt bike?

It's a two stroke

How do you find out if your dirt bike is a 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

if your dirt bike has a very high pitched noise like its being revved way to high it's a two stroke and when its a 4 stroke it will have a less obnoxious and deeper sound

Do they make a four stroke bike compatible to a two stroke eighty five cc dirt bike for racing?

CRF 150 R

Is a 125 klx kawasaki dirt bike a 4 stroke?

No, it is a two stroke in the 2005 model I looked up.

What are the signs of a blown top end on a two-stroke dirt bike?

you will have no compression

Which is better a two stroke or four stroke engine for a dirt bike?

i would say i two stroke because two strokes are much easier to fix, there faster and better.

Is the Honda cr 80 dirt bike 2stroke or 4 stroke?

cr 80 is a two stroke. crf 80 is a four stroke.

Is a Yamaha YZ 250 dirt bike a two stroke?

Yes, a YZ 250 is a 2 stroke, a YZ 250F is a 4 stroke.

Can a 100cc 4 - stroke dirt bike race against 85cc dirt bikes?

No we can't use 100cc 4 -stroke dirt bike race against 85cc dirt bikes.

Is the Yamaha model 465 dirt bike a two stroke engine or a four stroke engine?

two two One of the best enduro motorcycles ever produced

What size dirt bike should a 5' person ride?

125 is two stroke is good

What is the average top speed of a 60cc dirt-bike?

depends 2 stroke of 4 stroke and racing bike or a trail bike

What kind of oil for 4 stroke dirt bike?

4 stroke

What kind of oil do you put in a 2 stroke dirt bike?

Best to use two stroke oil. Mix it with the petrol, (I guess you know this)

What is the difference between a cr85 and a cr85 expert?

A cr85 is just a standard two stroke dirt bike, but a cr85 expert is a race bike that is used and built to be beaten.

What if your two stroke dirt bike starts to smoke bad?

If your 2 stroke dirt bike starts to smoke really bad that means you have to much oil in the fuel or the wrong kind of oil. Or the pistons, oil rings or cylinders are badly worn.

Is a 2003 yz85 a 2 or 4 stroke dirt bike?

A 2 stroke.

How fast will the 65 2-stroke dirt bike go?

Haw fadt is a 65 2 stroke dirt bick

Whats the horsepower on a 250 dirt bike?

Depending on the type of 250cc engine, two-stroke or four-stroke, and the state of tune of the engine you can expect anywhere between 20hp for a nice relaxed trail bike to over 40 hp from a fire breathing two-stroke motocrosser.

What is the top speed of a 90cc 2 stroke dirt bike?

the top speed of a dirt bike can depend on a lot of this like what make it is what kind of terrain your on parts and how much you weigh. But the average of a 90cc 2 stroke dirt bike is about 35-40 mph sometimes faster.

What is the two stroke fuel mixture for a 1983 Honda CR60R dirt bike?

40:1 is the mixture of gas to 2 stroke motor oil (only)

Does 4 stroke dirt bike have power band?


How fast does a 5 stroke dirt bike go?

No such thing as a 5-stroke dirtbike.