What is a trophy?

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A trophy is a object that recognizes achievement in sports or other activities. Trophies can be a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Trophy Cups are popular types.

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Q: What is a trophy?
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Trophy is the correct spelling of Trophy.

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We will bring the trophy home this time.She won a trophy for her excellent dancing.

What is the name of the trophy the winner of the Daytona 500 receives?

The trophy is called Harley J. Earl Trophy. This is the trophy the winner gets.

What is the name for the World Series trophy?

the World series trophy is called the Commissioner's Trophy.

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how do you get the zommer trophy

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a trophy

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Lombardi trophy

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It's an automotive trophy.

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To get a trophy on Goobers lab, you have to get five atoms, and it will randomly chose if you get a trophy.

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