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its a player that stand in the mittle between the golie and the defensment

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Q: What is a sweeper on a soccer team?
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Is a soccer sweeper as important as a striker?

Every member of a team is just as important as the others.

How do you become a soccer sweeper?

It is all up to your coach.

Does the sweeper stay in one spot on the field you soccer?

A sweeper plays in and behind the defence back line.

Is the sweeper one of the forwards on the soccer team?

A sweeper is not a forward, a sweeper is a defensive player, located centre and behind the regular defensive line. Usually, their job is to pick up loose tasks on their end of the pitch, like an unmarked midfielder running through the centre.

Which is a better soccer position left mid or sweeper?

It is according to the position you are better at, or which the coach might believe is better for you and the team, and offcourse what you like.

What makes up a soccer team?

A soccer team makes up the coach, sometimes an assistant coach, a goalie, your defenders ( normally 2 in older age groups), sometimes a sweeper or midfielder, and typically 3 offense players.

What sweaper can do in the soccer team?

Most of the time the sweeper is the defender all the way in the back. He is usually the man people hope will clear the ball out of the box.

Which position in basketball most resembles the sweeper in soccer?

power forward

What is the descripition of soccer?

Okay. There are three general positions in soccer: goalie, defense, and offense. Sometimes, there are extra positions: sweeper and midfield. The goalie is the only person who can use their hands. They stop the ball from going into their team's goal. Defense defends the goal. They are the closest position to the goalie. A couple feet up is the sweeper. Next comes the midfield. And finally, the offense. The goal is to get the soccer ball into the other team's goal using only you're feet.

Are there positions that are the same as soccer?

The soccer positions are forward, mid field, wing, goal keeper, sweeper, bench and back.

What is a sweeper and what do they do on a soccer team?

A sweeper is usually the last defensive person back besides the goalie. If the ball gets by everyone else it is up to him/her to get the ball away from the goal. Also the sweeper needs to be fast in case he/she gets caught up to far on the field and needs to get back really quick. The sweeper is also the person responsible for keeping the fullbacks at the right spot so you can catch the forwards offside. The sweeper is a player, usually a defender, designated by the team's captain to advance along the side of the field behind the offensive player who has the ball.

Is the sweeper in soccer the captain too?

The captain is selected by the manager, they can be the player in any position. The captain is usually a defender so he can organise the team at the back and then focus on moving forward.

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