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Exercises that include the power muscles, such as the quads and hamstrings, are important for volleyball. Any exercises that stabilize your shoulder are great for reducing the likelihood for developing an injury.

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You can do squats which will help you with squatting down and hitting the ball. Jump squats will be even better if you have to jump in your position in volleyball.

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Q: What is a strength and agility exercise that will help you with performance in volleyball?
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Can volleyball improve your education?

yes, because volleyball is a form of excercise to improve your balance, agility, and strength

What is America 1 best sport?

Definitely volleyball. It requires agility, strength, and focus. :)

What are the components needed to play volleyball?

Agility, Quick thinking, Flexibility, Strength, and Teamwork, i'd say.

Do strength training shoes really help athletic performance?

Yes strength shoes will improve your athletic performance. It will make you legs stronger and increase your speed and agility.

What animal has strength and agility?

ONE of the animals that have strength and agility is the cheetah.

What is agility for volleyball?

to move to the ball quickly

Is gymnastics exercising?

yes .it is an exercise designed to develop and display strength and agility and balance (usually performed with or on some gymnastic apparatus)

Are agility exercises tiresome?

Agility exercise is an exercise that increases your speed and co-ordination. So at first agility exercise can be tiresome, but once you build up your speed it should not be as tiresome.

How can you help your agility?


What are the benefits of aerobic respiration excersises?

Aerobic exercise can be contrasted with anaerobic exercise. The former is geared towards improving agility and short bursts of speed or power, while anaerobic exercise is for overall strength and endurance. Both types of exercise, of course, can burn calories.

What is the name of a combination of speed and strength?

It is Agility.

What is the best way to get in shape to play on a volleyball team?

Do sprints, agility exercises, core/ab workouts, practicing volleyball skills