What is a stall warning in lacrosse?

Updated: 12/7/2022
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a stall warning in Lacrosse is when a team is in there offensive end and the referee has determined that they are attempting to stall the game by just passing and making no effort to score or to shoot. although the ball may be outside of the box as soon as the ball is moved into the box the referee will raise his arms and say "keep it in" this means that the offensive team must keep the ball inside of there offensive box, in effect it makes it very difficult for the team to continually stall so they must now play offense in a limited space. if the team loses possession so that the ball leaves the box off of an offensive player or an offensive player steps out of the box the ball is awarded to the defending team. the only way that stall warning is waived is a goal, a defensive player gets a penalty, or if the defending team is able to remove the ball on there own via a clear or a ground ball.

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Q: What is a stall warning in lacrosse?
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