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The soccer striker is an offensive player, trying to score.

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Q: What is a soccer striker?
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What the mean of ss in soccer field?

Support striker or Shadow striker

What is the job of a soccer forward?


What does sk stands for in soccer?

Striker!! PS it's football not soccer!!

What ss position in soccer field?

support striker (or informally known as shadow striker)

What are the positions of famous soccer players?


What position did Freddy play in soccer?


What is the Best soccer boot for a striker?


What is a striker in field hockey?

A forward (like in soccer)

What is the most popular soccer position?

striker or midfielder

What is the primary offense position in soccer?

the forward, or striker.

Who is the hardest striker in soccer and what speed will the soccer ball reach?

David Trezguet at 98mph

How do you win the ball from a striker in soccer?

kick the ball away from them

What is the name of the new world best striker in soccer?

The name of the new striker in club football is Lionel Messi of Barcelona.

What position does Thierry Henry play in the French soccer team?


The game of soccer stars with a?

The match starts with a kick made by a striker.

What position does Lionel Messi play in soccer?

He may be a second striker.

What are the two people on each side of the striker called in soccer?


Who is Juliet akubukwe?

The striker for the Congan internation football (soccer) team.

Who is a striker in soccer?

Striker is usually the player in a team who is always placed as an attacker to the other goal. In football striker has more significance than any other player in the starting 11

What does the forward position do in soccer?

The forward (or striker) mainly scores goals for the team.

What soccer team does Nelson Valdez play for?

He plays striker for Borussia Dortmund.

Who is richest Nigerian soccer player?

It isn the Everton and Nigerian striker Yakaboo .

What position does Juan Pablo angel play in soccer?

He is a striker. An attacker. A forward.

Is robin van persie good at soccer?

yes he is arsenals top striker

Which former Brazil striker announced his retirement from soccer in february?

Ronaldinho Fenômeno.