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A soccer scout is a person who is employed by a football club to travel from club to club watching training sessions and matches and they have an eye for talent. They report back to their club if there are any good players they should try and sign.

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Q: What is a soccer scout?
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How do you invite a soccer scout to your college soccer game?

you start by getting the name correct *football

What can you do after retirment from professional soccer?

You can become a coach, a manager, or a scout.

How do i get sponsored for soccer?

You get sponsored for soccer by going and trying out for select or getting a talent scout to come see you.

Where do you find a soccer Scout to Scout you?

Soccer scouts can typically be found in fish bowls and aquariums across the world. However there is a great concentration of them in the Western most part of Australian fish bowls.

What is Professional Soccer?

professional soccer is teams that have the best players in the country or maybe even the world. you can become a pro soccer player if a scout thinks you're the best at playing soccer.

How do you get a soccer scholarship?

Be really good at it and get a scout from a college to come watch a game. Send them a video of your highlights.

How do you get scouted in soccer?

Going to club trials or by playing well for a local team and hoping a scout finds you.

Where could you find a punter?

look on some local soccer teams and scout their goalies who are constanly punting soccer balls and are familiar with the motions of punting. many soccer players end up being fantastic punters and kickers

What do pro soccer players do to become pro soccer players?

After years of playing soccer with long hours of intense practice, a player could be scouted during a local team game by a scout from a professional team, you then go to a try out and hopefully get on

How do you be come an female soccer player?

You have to start early, and show interest in the game, to impress the scout, having pace will help you.

Im 13 years old is it too late to become a proffessional soccer player?

Well there is no official time for a person to become a soccer player as long as you are incredibly good and you must at least be recognized and recommended by a scout from a school or soccer academy.

How do you become a soccer Scout?

Make sure your team wins, once you're teams noticed scouts will eventually come and take a look.

Do you have to go to college to get noticed by a soccer scout?

No son my was spotted playing in the local park now he is on the books at premiership club Birmingham city

What is a football manager?

A football manager is the person in charge of running a soccer club. They buy and sell players, scout, make the lineup, and so on.

How can you get scouted in soccer?

if you have a coach you have to tell him to get a scout or you could go and try out for a under 21 team in your area and you could get scouted there or join ODP.

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How does a young person become a professional soccer player?

well i think the best way is to work really hard and get better at soccer like the best possible then u need a scout to check u out. im not shure how to get one to come but i know u need one. i plan on plaing in collage and finding a scout during collage so after i retire from soccer or if i dont make it then i will have some collage but ya w/e u want nat

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