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A Snowboarding Terrain Park is a part of a ski resort that has jumps, rails, boxes, jibs, Half-pipes, etc.

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Q: What is a snowboarding Terrain Park?
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How many types of snowboarding are there?

2. downhill and terrain

What are some of the best mountains on the east coast for park snowboarding?

By far the best terrain park as rated by Transworld magazine is Carinthia at Mount Snow, VT which has 100 acres of unique terrain for riders of all abilities. Another good park to check out in Vermont is Stratton's terrain park but you will need to visit their website in order to obtain access to their terrain parks. There is a video and short quiz on park safety and etiquette. If you have ever been to a terrain park you should find no trouble in passing the quiz.

How do you spell terrain?

You spelled terrain correctly. Example: Looking over the terrain, the park ranger noticed a fast-advancing fire.

Why do people like snowboarding out of bounds?

Because when you snowboard out of bounds there is a sense of a challenge knowing that you do not know what there is out there and what sort of jumps and terrain there are.

What is the terrain of the everglades national park?

swampy and wet

Another word for park?

Terrain, Grassland, And Resorts

What is the name of the keystone resort terrain park?


How do ski resorts get boxes for terrain park?

The boxes in any ski resorts terrain park can be made quite easily by the owner(s) of a ski resort, or a terrain company can make it first, which can then be bought by the ski resort

What is a dirtboard?

A dirtboard is a long skateboard with bindings and large wheels for all terrain like snowboarding on grass, dirt and other surfaces

Is jib a snowboarding term?

yeah its usually talking about riding rails or boxes at the park

What is the best snowboard terrain park?

brighton ski resort in utah

Is snowboarding or skiing better?

Snowboarding :-)

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