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A silver duck is awarded to a batsman who is dismissed on the 2nd ball he/she faces having failed to score a run. There is also of course the golden duck given to a player dismissed on his/her first ball, a platinum duck given to a player dismissed on the first delivery of a match, and a diamond duck given to a player who is dismissed without facing a ball (such as from being run out).

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Q: What is a silver duck in cricket?
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Why is it called a duck in cricket?

The batsman do not scoring out is called duck

What is the meaning of duck in cricket?

Getting a 'duck' in cricket. Is to be out without scoring any runs. A golden duck is to be out on your first ball, meaning no runs as well.

In which sport can you score a duck?


In which sport can you score a 'duck'?


Is which sport can you score a duck?


What sport is there a 'duck'?

Either duck hunting, college football, or cricket. In cricket, a duck occurs when a batter is dismissed without scoring. In college football, a duck plays for the University of Oregon.

What is a 'Duck' in cricket?

A duck in cricket is when a batsman goes into bat, scores no runs, and is then out again. A golden duck is when a batsman is out on their first ball, and a diamond duck is when an opening batsman is out on the first ball of the match.

Who was the first got out on duck in cricket world cup?

Harilal Shah was first one to got out on duck in cricket world cup.

Which bird means no runs at cricket?


Why is getting out for zero called a duck in cricket?

Because the another name of zero is duck

What is duck in cricket?

if a person gets out at 0 runs

In which sport would you use the word duck?

Duck hunting and dodgeball "Duck" is a cricket term. It refers to when a batsman is dismissed for a score of zero. He is "out for a duck".

What is a duck in a cricket match?

A duck is what it is called when you are made OUT without any score. If you are out on your first received ball that is called a golden duck

What does out for a duck mean How can you use this phrase?

The phrase "out for a duck" or "out for a diamond duck" is a term still used today in the game of Test Cricket aka Cricket. The term "duck" is thought to have come from the traditional way a zero was drawn when the game began, which resembled an egg. The term is used when a batsman in cricket is dismissed without facing a ball. There are many alternate uses of the term, all with slightly different meanings including: out for a platinum duck, royal duck, titanium duck, and laughing duck.

What sport would score a duck?

The sport is cricket in which the batter is bowled out without scoring a single run (out for a duck).

What ball sport has a duck?

cricket. For getting out without scoring a run.

What is a diamond duck in cricket?

A Diamond Duck is the term that describes Players who are dismissed without facing a ball (usually run out).

What is the word for a score of no runs at cricket?

If you mean getting out for 0 this is called a duck, getting out first ball is a golden duck.

What is a no score in cricket called?

if a player gets no runs it's called a duck

How many runs in cricket give you a duck?

A "duck" is a score of zero (0), from the comparison with an oval duck's egg.In other uses, the slang term for zero is "a goose egg."

What in a cricket means a batsman is out without scoring?

if a batsman is out without scoring, then it is called a DUCK.... and if he is out on the 1st ball that he faced then it is called as a GOLDEN DUCK..

What s the cricket world cup made up of?

cricket world cup is made of Gold and Silver

Who was the first batsman ever to score duck in test cricket?

E J Gregory of Australia.

Which bird's name is used in Cricket when a player is bowled out without scoring a single run?


What is a golden duck in cricket?

out first ball Clean Bold on very first ball of Test cricket match, 2ndly newley come bowler and batsman. then first ball of both opposit player. Clean bold its called Golden duck