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A sideline of a tennis court is called an alley.

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Q: What is a sideline in tennis?
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Is the ball out when it touches the white line in tennis?

A ball is in if it touches any part of the line. If it is the double's sideline, then it is out. But if the ball touches the single's sideline, it is in.

What is a sideline cry?

a cry from the sideline

Tennis are you allow to serve from inside double white lines in playing doubles in tennis?

the area that you serve into is the same as in singles. The server may stand anywhere in between the center mark and the doubles sideline

What is rugby field sideline called?


What is the length of a football field from sideline to sideline?


How far is a football field sideline to sideline?

53 yards

When was Sideline Ho created?

Sideline Ho was created in 2006.

Where is the singles sideline on tennis courts?

Look at the middle of the tennis court, then start moving your eyes either left or right. The singles line is the first line you see that stretches all the way from the net to the base line on your side.

What is the name of the imaginary line from sideline to sideline in football?

Line of Scrimmage

What is the width of NFL field?

the width of NFL field sideline to sideline is 53.5 yards

What are the release dates for Sideline Confessions - 2013?

Sideline Confessions - 2013 was released on: USA: 2013

What is the average size of an American Football field?

160 from sideline to sideline and 300 from inzone to inzone

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What is the sideline in basketball?

The sideline on a basketball court is the line that marks where you meant to go. If you cross over it you go 'out of bounds'.

What are the release dates for Mickey's Sideline - 1931?

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How long is a football field from sideline to sideline?

20 yards wide 120 yards long including touchdown zones

How long is a rugby field sideline to sideline?

Touch line to touch line the pitch must NOT exceed 70 metres

How far are the nfl numbers from the sideline?

9 yards from the inside of the numbers from the "period" to the sideline "l" l------- l---40. l-------

When was Don Nehlen's Tales from the West Virginia Sideline created?

Don Nehlen's Tales from the West Virginia Sideline was created in 2005.

What is the official size of a basketball?

An NBA size Basketball court is 94 feet from baseline to baseline and 50 feet from sideline to sideline.

What is another name for a sideline in soccer?


What is a sideline in volleyball?

Its a line that keep you in bales

What are football cheerleaders called?

Sideline Cheerleaders