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A short corner is when a penerty is given to the atacking team in side to circle.

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Q: What is a short corner in hockey?
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When is there a short corner in hockey?

There is a short corner is when one team committed a foul in the opponents circle.

In what sport do you take a long or short corner?

Field hockey.

When is a short corner awarded in hockey?

When it hit the defenders leg.

In which sport do players take a long short corner?

Hockey. That's 'field' hockey as opposed to 'ice hockey'

What is a short corner in field hockey?

it is another name for a penalty corner. it occurs when a penalty happens inside the shooting D

What are some field hockey terms that begin with s?

short corner, scoop, slap

What is the diffence between a short corner and a long corner in hockey?

a short corner is taken on the back line in the D and has too be hit out of the D before it can be shot at goal, a long corner is taken from the sideline and has to move 5 metres before its hit into the D

What is the meaning of short corner?

a short corner in hockey is when the ball is hit next to the goals. You then choose someoone too hit the ball from one of the first little markers on the sidelines. hope this helps!!!!!

Why is a short corner awarded in field hockey?

The defending team do a stick tackle or it hits their foot inside their D

When did hockey night start in Canada's coaches' corner?

when did coaches corner start from hockey night in canada

When is a long corner given in hockey?

a long corner in hockey is given when the ball goes off the back by the defending team, a long corner is then given to the attackers.

In Field Hockey - What is a penalty corner?

A penalty corner is called when there is a foul in the circle.

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