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it is another name for a penalty corner. it occurs when a penalty happens inside the shooting D

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Q: What is a short corner in field hockey?
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In what sport do you take a long or short corner?

Field hockey.

In which sport do players take a long short corner?

Hockey. That's 'field' hockey as opposed to 'ice hockey'

What are some field hockey terms that begin with s?

short corner, scoop, slap

When was Peter Short - field hockey - born?

Peter Short - field hockey - was born in 1976.

Why is a short corner awarded in field hockey?

The defending team do a stick tackle or it hits their foot inside their D

What is a short corner in hockey?

A short corner is when a penerty is given to the atacking team in side to circle.

When is there a short corner in hockey?

There is a short corner is when one team committed a foul in the opponents circle.

In Field Hockey - What is a penalty corner?

A penalty corner is called when there is a foul in the circle.

What is a boundary corner in football?

The boundary corner is the corner lined up to the short side of the field. The short side of the field is the side of the field closer to the hashmarks where the ball is placed. The field corner plays the wider side of the field.

When is a short corner awarded in hockey?

When it hit the defenders leg.

In Field Hockey - When a long corner is awarded where is it taken from?

It is taken from the side line 5 metres from the corner on the side of the field where the ball went out.

What was played first ice hockey or field hockey?

Hockey was historically not played on ice until around the invention of modern ice hockey. This was well after the creation of modern field hockey, which itself derived from earlier variations. In short: field hockey was first.

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