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THe shooting guard is often referred to as the "2" guard. Basically, the point guard is responsible for bring ball down and running the offense, penetrating and dishing to other players. The shooting guard is the other guard that will setup at the 3 point line for example and wait for the point guard to penetrate and draw his man, that way the point guard can dish to the shooting guard for the shot.

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Q: What is a shooting guard's position on a basketball court?
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How many guards are on a basketball court at once?

2 a point guard or PG and a shooting guard or SG.

What are the kinds of guards in basketball?

There are two kinds of gaurds in basketball the Point Guard which carries the ball down the court (usually small) the shooting gaurd which defends the other teams shooting gaurd alos quiet small and also drives the ball down court

What are the positons in basketball?

point guard- the person who dribbles down the court 2 shooting guards- specialize in driving to the basket and 3 point shooting 2 posts- stand under the basket and rebound

What are the positions played on a basketball court called?

There are 3 positions for basketball. There are 2 guards (Point Guard and Shooting Guard), 2 forwards( Small Forward and Power Forward), and 1 center. There is 5 people on each team on the court at a time.

What comprises team in basketball how many players and what position?

Five players on each team when on the court. The positions are: one center, two forwards and two guards. The forwards are positioned near the opposing team's basket so that they can be ready for shooting and rebounding. The center is located near the basket or near the free-throw line so that they can be ready for shooting and rebounding as well. Guards normally bring the ball down on the court to begin offensive play.

What is the guard position on the basketball court?


What position are soccer players in that are similar to guards in basketball?

Center MidfieldsWhile there is no direct correlation between the positions due to the inherent differences of the sports, there are a similarities between basketball guards and soccer (football) midfielders. Basketball guards are usually responsible to bring the ball forward from the end of the court towards the basket they are trying to score points in. Soccer midfielders are usually responsible to bring the ball forward from the end of the pitch where their own goal is located towards the end where they are trying to score goals. They also tend to initiate and direct much of the play and are normally some of the fastest members of the team - like basketball guards. Also, like basketball guards, they tend to play closer to the middle of the pitch (or, in the case of guards, court) than the other players.

Is there a part of a basketball court from which your shooting is more accurate compared to other parsof the court?

yes ROM the key

Where should you aim when shooting a lay up shot in basketball?

If your basketball court has a box a top of the net try to aim at that.

What is the guard position in the basketball court?

Shooting guard is someone who stands outside of the 3 point line who shoots when gets a good open shot. Point guard bring ball down the court and makes the plays.

Why do you have different basketball positions?

In basketball players have different roles to perform. Point Guards bring the ball up the court and distribute the ball and score when needed. Shooting Guards are primarily shooters---hence the name. Small Forwards are usually the best overall defender. Power Forwards and Centers are the tallest and prevent people from scoring inside and get rebounds and blocks.

What is Steve Nash's position on the basketball court?

point guard

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