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Q: What is a service winner in volleyball?
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Who is the winner of a volleyball game?

The winner of a volleyball game is the one who beats the other team by at least 2 points.

How many seconds in volleyball does the service get after the whistle is blown?

After the whistle is blown, the service gets 5 seconds in volleyball.

Different kind of service in volleyball?

Under arm service uper arm service parallel service

Can you smach a ball during service in a volleyball play?

No you can not

When can a service player in volleyball enter court after service?

yes... and only after the serve is finished!

What is role of mathematics in volleyball?

well...math is used to add up the scores and to well know who the winner is :)

Who are the Current Indian volleyball team famous players arjun award winner?

k j kapil dev

What is it that you often return but never borrow?

A service such as in volleyball and tennisA greetingLoveCompliments

What are the five service in volleyball?

serve, pass, set, hit, block

What is the service in volleyball?

Service is often yelled out when the server is about to serve the ball to get the team ready to pass the ball. Service is basically the act of serving.

What are the two or three kinds of of service in volleyball?

underhand, overhand, and jump serve

What is a volleyball foot fault?

When the person who is serving steps over or on the service line.