What is a right back for soccer?

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a defender that is on the right side

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Q: What is a right back for soccer?
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What player is responsible for creating the overlap in soccer?

right back or left back

What is the purpose of the goal right corner back in soccer in soccer?

because it is the hardest spot to defend

How popular was soccer in the 1940s?

It was very popular just like right now. Even after the World War II, people got right back to soccer.

Who is the best right back in soccer?

lillan thuram Sergio Ramos-George answer

What position should be weakest skilled player play in soccer?

Right Back.

What a the possition in soccer called?

Goalkeeper, right back, left back, centre back, midfielder, wing forward, right wing, left wing, centre forward, striker,

How did people back then play soccer?

how did they play soccer back then

In soccer who marks the sides of the field?

1. The groundstaff, 2. The right back, the left back and the wingers. or 3. The linesmen.

What does RB mean in soccer?

RB means Right Back. A right back is player who plays on the right side of the defensive line. The right back is responsible for marking side midfielders and wingers and also can play the role of an extended winger too

What are the names of the various positions on a soccer field?

Goalkeeper Right Back Right Centre Back Left Cetre Back Left Back Right Midfield Right Centre Midfield Left Centre Mifield Left midfield Right Centre Forward (Striker) Left Centre Forward (striker)

What is the names of all the soccer positions in soccer?

These are all the possible postitions used in Soccer: GK (Goalkeeper) SW (Sweeper) CB (Centre Back) LB (Left Back) RB (Right Back) LWB (Left Wing Back) RWB (Right Wing Back) CDM (Centre Defensive Midfielder) CM (Centre Midfielder) LM (Left Midfielder) RM (Right Midfielder) CAM (Centre Attacking Midfielder) LW (Left Winger) RW (Right Winger) LF (Left Forward) RF (Right Forward) CF (Centre Forward) ST (Striker)

When did Back Street Soccer happen?

Back Street Soccer happened in 1996.

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