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Your teamate should help set a pick for you

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Q: What is a quick offensive move by a player trying to get free for a pass in basketball?
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Why does a basketball player need to be quick?

you need to be able to dodge in and out through people and its always good to build up the momentun whilst running =)

How long did basketball games last at the time it was invented?

Wicked quick!

Is Ramon Sessions a Good NBA Basketball Player?

Being on the Lakers, he is the ideal point guard we have been needing. Quick, a scoring machine, and a great assist man

What do you need speed in basketball for?

fast-breaks are needed in basketball to get a fast break you need to be quick hence the word ''fast''. you also need to be quick in basketball because when your team scores you need to run back into defence before your opponent over takes you.

How do you get the achievement zombieball in insectinator?

You have to kill 20 zombies really quick with a basketball

Why do you sink in quick sand if you are trying to get out?

cause it pulls you down

What college did NFL player Brian Quick play for?

NFL player Brian Quick played for Appalachian State.

How much does NFL player Brian Quick weigh?

NFL player Brian Quick weighs 218 pounds.

How tall is Jonathan Quick?

NHL player Jonathan Quick is 6'-01''.

How tall is Brian Quick?

NFL player Brian Quick is 6'-03''.

Can a shooter in basketball recover his own shot?

Yes, if he is quick enough to get to it before everyone else.

What are the disadvantages to man to man defense in basketball?

Often, the offense will utilize picks (blocking the defender of the offensive player with the ball with another offensive player) against whoever is guarding the ball or even away from the ball. Often, the two defenders have to switch who they're guarding to keep the person with the ball from driving. When you switch, the offense often gets mis-matches (ie a quick, small offensive player guarded by a slow big player or vice versa, a big, strong player down low guarded by a short player). There is often a lot of confusion when multiple picks are used. Finally, and possibly the biggest factor is that it's exhausting. Rather than staying in one general region (like in a zone) you have to run all over the court to stay with your man.

What does fastbreak mean in basketball?

When a player steals the ball and run downs the court to score some points as quick as possible. It can also happen during fourth quarter like 20.6 seconds left.

Does Jonathan Quick shoot right or left?

NHL player Jonathan Quick shoots left.

How much does Jonathan Quick weigh?

NHL player Jonathan Quick weighs 214 pounds.

What is harder soccer or basketball?

soccer its harder because you have to be active like 40-45 min. each half but basketball to its quick to play its fast you have to keep going

How would you use stalwart in a sentence?

She became as stalwart on the basketball court as she was quick at solving mathematical puzzles.

What is the best network media player?

There are many media players out there. Which one is the best, depends on what particular needs the viewer might have. Some very good ones are Windows Media Player, Quick Time and VLC Player. That last one is free, no harm in trying it out.

Is there any alternative of realplayer downloader?

Quick Time player DivX player

Is quick time player available for windows?


When and where was baseball player Eddie Quick born?

Eddie Quick was born ? , 1881, in Baltimore, MD, USA.

How do you fly to Poland?

By trying to move my hands as quick as I can! Honestly, buy a ticket and fly.. ;)

Basketball helps you how?

Basketball is one of the best sports if you want a great cardio workout. It helps you with agility, hand-eye coordination, quick thinking, and helps with weight loss.

What are the basketball moves that Kobe uses in the game?

Some of the basketball moves that Kobe Bryant uses when he plays basketball include moves like driving, faking, and fading away as a quick combo, or simple dribbling around people.

What is the best way to beat a full court press?

Quick passes. Offensive players without the ball must find open areas and the player with the ball must have the awareness to find them quickly. Once a player with the ball holds it or starts to dribble, the defense can collapse and double or triple team. Quick passing will break a full court press easily.