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Soccer also known as football

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Q: What is a popular sport in Italy?
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What is the second most popular sport in Italy?

The most popular sport in Italy is soccer.

What are some popular sports in Italy?

one popular sport in Italy is soccer

What is the most watched sport in Italy?

Football (soccer) is the most popular and watched sport in Italy.

Is soccer most popular in England?

No, soccer is most popular in Italy. Italy's the one who started to sport itself. soccer is not the most popular sport. Association football is the most popular. the most popular sport in England.

What is the 3 most popular sports in Italy?

Football Is Italy's most popular sport with Basketball,Volleyball and Rugby Union next most popular sport

Popular sports and pastimes in Italy?

Soccer as we call it in America is very popular sport in Italy.

What is the most popular sport in Italy?

== == The most popular sport in Italy is soccer, sometimes called football.Football.Basketball and volleyball are the next most played/popular sportshope i helped :)can you answer mine?

What is a popular sport played in italy?

football, Rugby, Cycling

What is Italys sport?

Italy's most popular sport, by far is soccer. This is followed by volleyball and basketball.

Italy's favorite sport?

the answer to this question is soccer. soccer is a popular sport in italy. but they call it football. since they dont have football. only the U.S.A. has it.

What are Italy's most popular sports?

Soccer is the most popular sport in Italy, followed by basketball and volleyball. Tennis, cricket, fencing and rugby are also popular.

What is Italy's national sport and the teams name?

Soccer ( Football ) is the most popular sport in Italy. The team's name is the "Azzurri" or "squadra azzurra" for their blue shirts

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