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soccer soccer soccer

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Q: What is a popular national sporting event in Germany?
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What is a popular national sporting event in France?

Tour De France

What is the most popular sporting event in Europe?


What is the most popular sporting event in Italy?

bocce ball

What is the most popular world sporting event?

The summer Olympics ...

What is the most popular sport event in the world?

The FIFA world cup is the most watched sporting event in the world by far outnumbering any other sporting event.

What national sporting event takes place each year in London?


What are some sporting events in Ecuador?

Football, known in the US as soccer, is an exceedingly popular sport in Ecuador. There is a national tournament that takes place in Ecuador that is seen as a major sporting event. There are also regional and national basketball tournaments that take place in Ecuador.

Is the FIFA World Cup famous?

Yes. the most popular sporting event in the world because it is watched and played all over the world will the best most exclusive National Teams in the world. It's the most popular sporting event in the world and will remain the most popular for the next 100's of years. Nothing compares to the FIFA World Cup.

What are the attendance and viewing figures for the most popular international sporting events?

The most popular sporting event is the NASCAR Championships, I will get back soon with the figures. Answered by Sachin2208

When should you acknowledge the national anthem from an adjacent sporting event?

There are no instances, providing one is safe, to ignore the National Anthem.

Should the national anthem be played during a sporting event rather than at the beginning?


What is sporting?

the answer for what is sporting is a sporting event or a sport being played.

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