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The pole on a sailboat is called the mast.

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Q: What is a pole on a sale boat?
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What is Move a boat by pole?

A traditional flat-bottomed calm water boat, blunt both ends and propelled by a pole, is a punt.

What do you call a boat that is moved with a pole?


What is the homophones for sail?

sale as in "bake sale" or"for sale" is the homophone of sail as in "sail boat" /

When does a person need to draft a bill of sale for a boat?

A person should draft a bill of sale for a boat before the purchase or sale of the boat takes place. The bill of sale is what is needed to transfer the boat from one party to the other, so this is needed in order for the buyer to register the boat into their own name and have it taken out of the sellers name.

I am looking for boats for sale.?

There are a lot of good boat brands or sale. Two highly recommended fishing boat brands for sale are Grady White or Cabela.

What pole is in the middle of a sailboat and holds up the sails?

The pole you are referring to is called the mast. If the boat only has one mast it is usually not in the middle of the boat but is normally found in the forward third of the boat.

What is called the tall vertical pole on a boat?

A mast

What is a pole on a sailboat?

a pole is used on symmetrical boats, or a boat that has the spinnaker, or kite, out in front of it. An A-Symmetrical boat puts the spinnaker to the side. A-Symmetrical boats use a bowsprit to hold the sail out in front of the boat, but Symmetricals use a pole. it clips onto the mast of the boat, and the other ends holds the sail.

What is your bill of sale boat?

A boat bill of sale is used to protect yourself whether you are buying a new boat or selling an older one. This is a legal document between you and the person you are doing your boat transaction with.

Boat Trailers for Sale?

form_title= Boat Trailers for Sale form_header= Sail away after you purchase a boat trailer. What type of boat trailer do you need?*= _ [50] What is the size of your boat?*= _ [50] Do you want a new or used trailer?*= () New () Used

What is the name of a boat pole?

It could be the mast or even a boathook.

What is the boat that is pushed along with a pole and found in Venice?


What is the definition of mast?

A pole on a boat that holds spars or sails.

Part of the boat that begins with m?

The mast is part of a boat. It is a vertical pole on a ship which supports the sails.

Where would you find a penguin egg for sale?

the north pole

What specialty stores carry boat motors for sale?

There are many stores that carry boat motors for sale. For example, such stores might be Cabela's, Suzuki boat dealerships, or any motorboat manufacturer's dealership.

What is the advantage of a Power-Pole shallow water anchor?

The advantage of a Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchor is that it is for the serious fisherman. It has been designed for the smaller boat and helps with boat positioning.

How do you navigate on a boat?

pole star is the navigating icon as a last resort.

How do people get to the South pole?

Take a boat then walk the rest of the way.

How much paperwork is involved in putting up my boat for sale?

There is a fair amount of paperwork involved in putting a boat up for sale. You will need to type of a bill of sale that shows the selling price, your name, buyer's name, addresses, description of the boat, and registration numbers. This can serve as a receipt for the seller and the buyer. You will also need to sign over the pink slip and let the boat registration office know that you are no longer responsible for the boat. You also want to cancel your insurance on the boat after the sale.

Where can I list my boat for sale?

There are several different websites where you could list your boat for sale. Some of these websites include amazon, eBay and other websites as well too.

What boat did Columbus sale on when he discovered America?

The Santa Maria.

Can you give 1 sentence using the homophones sale and sail?

I am putting my sail boat up for sale.

The boom of a boat?

The boom is the horizontal pole attached to the bottom of a sailing boat's mast to which the lower edge of the sail is attached.

What are examples of capital income?

1. Sale of property 2. Sale of Shares 3. Sale of boat or ship 4. Sale of expensive painting 5. Sale of your share of a business