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Q: What is a playing surface of a baseball?
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What is the playing surface of lawn bowls called?

the entire playing surface is called a green which is divided up into playing areas called rinks

How do you get a job playing baseball in Major League Baseball?

Be really good at playing baseball

What is the meaning of playing surface in physical education?

The playing surface means you connect to ground differently which affects all your sensory responses.

Does a baseball have a flat surface?


Does Derek Jeter like playing baseball?

Yes, he loves playing baseball.

Do people that play baseball like playing it?

of course they do ,if they dont why are they even playing baseball

What year did the giants start playing baseball?

The Giants started playing baseball in 1883.

At what age did Alex Rodriguez start playing baseball?

He was 17 when he started playing baseball

Does playing baseball affect the environment?

Playing baseball affects the enviorment by drinking a beer.

What surface area is larger baseball or soccer?

A soccer ball has a larger radius than a baseball, so it has more surface area.

What are baseball players playing on?

Baseball diamond

What is Donkey Baseball?

Playing baseball with a donkey.