What is a pitcher?

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A pitcher is the person who pitches, or throws, the ball to the batter.

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Q: What is a pitcher?
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Why are Pitcher-plants called Pitcher-plants?

Pitcher plants are called pitcher plants because they have 'pitchers' at the ends of their stems. The pitcher has digestive fluid in it with a sweet smell that attracts insects. The insects fly/crawl in and get trapped inside when the pitcher plant closes. They are then digested in the fluids in the "pitcher". Pitcher as in a jug or cup, not as in baseball pitcher but I think you knew that.

How do you say pitcher in spanish?

Pitcher (of water) = Jarro / Jarra Pitcher (made of clay) = Cántaro (baseball) Pitcher = Lanzador

What is pitcher in pitcher plant?


Is the word pitcher a verb?

Pitcher is a common noun. "Hand me that pitcher, I need some water." "The manager sent in a new pitcher."

How much is a full pitcher in gallons?

A pitcher is not a standard size so the answer depends on the pitcher.

What is the pitcher of record?

The pitcher of record is the pitcher who will gain the win or loss when the game ends.

Winning pitcher rule?

The winning pitcher is the pitcher of record when the winning run is scored.

What is the use of the pitcher on the pitcher plant?

to trap an insect in the pitcher and digest it. so it can have nutrients.

What part of speech is pitcher?

Pitcher is a noun

What is the birth name of Jamison Pitcher?

Jamison Pitcher's birth name is Kenneth Jamison Pitcher.

What is pitcher plant?

Because the pitcher plant has water inside of it and it looks like a pitcher of water

What type of plant is the pitcher plant?

the pitcher plant is a carnivorous plant meaning flesh eating. pitcher plants grow all around the world. there is 2 types of pitcher plants the north American pitcher plants, and the tropical pitcher plant Nepenthes.

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