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A decathlon is a ten event sport at the Olympics.

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Q: What is a person who competes in 10 different athletic events called?
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A person who can compete in ten athletic events us called a?

A person who competes in ten athletic events is called a decathlete.

What is an athletic contest consisting of 6 events called?

An athletic event consisting of 7 separate events is called a Septathalon.

What are athletic events called?


What is Michael Phelps favorite distance?

I don't think he has one, he competes in all different distance events.

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Can black shorts be worn for athletic events?

Black shorts may be worn for wide variety of different occasions, and can even be worn at athletic events. If the black shorts are comfortable, it might be even better for an athletic event.

What is the name of an athletic contest with four different events?

The correct terminology for this would be a "quadrathlon"(quadrathon).

Which event has Tom Daley competed?

Tom competes in various diving events.

An athletic contest in which participants compete without stopping in three successive events?

It's called a triathlon. The 3 events are: Swimming Cycling Running

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What are some athletic events?

speed skateing