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One type of penalty is when a defensive player hits the hand of the shooter when shooting, or travel when you take to many steps before bouncing the Basketball.

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Q: What is a penalty in basketball?
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How many team fouls in high school basketball before the penalty?

there are 5 fouls before the penalty in basketball..........

What is penalty for standing in the key in basketball?

The penalty is 3 seconds in the key.

2 types of penalty in basketball?

Foul and violation.

Is a foul or penalty the same in basketball?

yes its always the same

How much is a non penalty goal worth in basketball?

2 points

How many points is a basketball penalty goal worth?

One point.

What happens when someone on your team double dribbles what is the penalty in basketball?


What happens if you argue with an official?

Basketball: Technical Foul (Tech) Football: Penalty

Penalty for too many players on the basketball court?

A technical foul will be charged

Can feet be used to shoot the ball in a game of basketball?

no you would get a penalty :P

When a player gets a foul in basketball does that mean they did something wrong?

In Basketball, a foul, is a penalty for doing something against the rules of the game.

What happens if you call a timeout but you have none left in high school basketball?

they will give you a penalty

Does a basketball player have to be in the playing zone at all times?

Yes unless he is out on a penalty or injured.

What is TP in basketball?

Wel l they could mean technical penalty or tenis peni

What is the penalty of a basketball team in a game if it fielded fifteen players?

None. A basketball team can have as many players as it wants to have, provided that it has enough jerseys.

What is the penalty for a violation in basketball?

the opponent has two free throw shots and has a chance to score twice

Using your body to block a defender in basketball is called?

it is called a penalty or just dim wit

What is the penalty for double dribble in basketball?

the other team gets the ball or there is a technical or a free throw

Do basketball players dribbles with both hands?

Basketball players do not dribble with both hands on the ball at the same time. Doing so would result in a penalty.

What is the penalty for stepping on or over any side or end line with the basketball?

the other team gets the ball

What is the penalty if a player commits a foul when his team is in possession of the basketball?

the ball is turned over to the other team

What does the basketball penalty Double Dribble mean?

It means to dribble the ball and pick it up again and dribble it.

In the game of basketball what is the penalty when a defensive player flops to the ground over and over again?

In the NBA they are now fined for flopping if it is determined from the video which the league watches after the fact. But no in game penalty.

What changes have there been to the original basketball rules?

now there is more fouling and penalty calls. you are now allowed to dribble

In basketball what is the penalty called when you run with the ball in your hand?

Two steps or more without dribbling is called travelling