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It is a "sloop", said to be "sloop-rigged".

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Q: What is a one masted boat?
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What is one masted Boat Called?

A single masted boat is a sloop or a catboat.

What do you call a two masted boat?

It could be either a "ketch" or a "yawl".

What is a name for a 2-masted boat beginning with the letter e?

The STD Erection

A small one-masted vessel?

This could be a sloop (main + jib), a cutter (main + jib + foresail), or a cat boat (main alone). There are many variations.

Small square rigged two masted boat?

Hi this seems like an answer, what was the question?

What is a yawl?

A yawl (or yaul) is a 2 masted sailing boat with the smaller (mizzen) mast placed well back.

What is a one masted sailing vessel?

a "one masted vessel" is a boat with a single mast, or a large metal/aluminum piece standing vertically in the boat. the mast always holds the main sail of the boatthere are many one masted sailing vessels in the worldsome include ::-J24-Tartan 28-Snipe-420-Laser-505-Lightening-Etchell-Viper-470-49er-29er-Sonar-Star-I420and that's just a handful! good luckAnother answer:If the sails are rigged fore and aft, a one-masted sailboat is usually a sloop or a cutter. I am not aware of the name used for one-masted square or lateen rigged boats.

What is a two-masted vessel with a mainsail and jib?

Yawls, ketches and two-masted schooners all match this definition. The jib or headsail is not used to define the boat, as almost all fore-and-aft rigged boats have a headsail of some kind.

What is a small one-masted vessel called?


What you is the stern keel sail and mast?

The aftermost sail in a multi-masted boat is typically the mizzen, but in some rigs can be called the spanker as well.

Which two types of boat used in the past?

3-masted Schooners and Viking Long Boats (or any oar powered war ships)

What is the name for the pole on a sail boat?

The vertical pole is called a "Mast". The horizontal poles (on 3-masted ships for instance) are called "Arms" or "Yardarms".

What is a small one masted vessel?

Perhaps a sloop or raft is what you are looking for.

What is a one-masted sailboat?

Sloop, cutter, or possibly day-sailer.

What do you call a small one-masted vessel with a mainsail and jib?

A sloop

What is a sloop ship?

A single-masted, fore-and-aft-rigged sailing boat with a short standing bowsprit or none at all and a single headsail set from the forestay.

A picture of a mast of a boat?

Check out the related link below for photos of the Tall Ship "Lady Washington". She's a Brig -- a two masted beauty and the photos are great!

Small one-masted vessel with a mainsail and jib?

catalina capri 14

When was the first three masted ship invented?

1157-1199 was when the three masted ship was invented

What is the shorter mast on the boat?

The shorter mast ahead of the main is the foremast. The shorter mast abaft the main is the mizzen mast. On four or more masted boats -- I don't know.

What is a schoorer?

a two masted boat with a spirit sail with a gaff on the after most mast. The forward mast would have no boom and a line at the clew. Many time including a jib or jibs.

When was the three-masted ship invented?

The Portuguese invented the three-masted ship in the 1400's. These type of ships replaced the ships that had an oared galley. Three-masted ships were easier to steer.

In one of the adventures of Tintin what was the name of Knight of Hadoques three-masted ship?

The Unicorn

What is the Name of a single masted ship?

A single-masted sailing vessel is called a 'sloop-rigged' vessel.

What is the name of Charles Darwin's boat?

The ship on which Charles Darwin sailed was the HMS Beagle, a Royal Naval two-masted, square-sailed sloop that was converted for survey.