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Beer Pong

Wiggleboarding-have questions on wiggleboarding?? Go to our website!

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you say "i want to invent a new sport"

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Q: What is a new sport someone made up?
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Is Marco polo a sport?

no marco polo is not a sport. it is a game kids made up based on someone. it is almost like the game floor mummy.

What is a smell of a new car?

it may be the smell of the threads or someone made that statement up.

What sport leagues make the most money?

someone messed it up

Who made up the sport gymnastics?

The ancient Greeks

Is there a sport named knooka?

No, it is a made up name

Who made up the sport hockey?

Jacob ben Lynn

What not to do with new shoes superstition?

There is no superstition for new shoes. Superstitions aren’t fact based and made up because someone somewhere didn’t understand how something was made or used.

What is good sport shop names made up?

steel fingers

How many sport in the world and the name of all sport?

There are so many sports in the world that this would be impossible to answer. Athletes all over the world play a wide variety of sports, and sometimes new sports are made up in backyards.

What is a fun sport game that you made-up?

speedaway! and duck duck goose

What sports have Honduras made up?

Soccer is a very popular sport in the Honduras.

What is New York is made up of?

it is made up of new jersey and china