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probably football because Netball is a non contact sport

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Q: What is a more dangerous sport netball or football?
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What is more dangerous football or baseball?

Football is more dangerous because it is the most physical sport in America. However no sport is dangerous if you play it right, and are in shape!

Which sport is more dangerous football or soccer?

They are both the same sport, unless you referring to American Football and soccer, in which case then American Football is much more dangerous.

What sport is more popular basketball or netball?


What sport has caused more deaths?

I think the most dangerous sport would be wrestling 2nd would be football. (I <3 football)

Is netball a traditional sport or a popular sport in japan?

No, its more of a European sport. But you might be able to find netball at the international schools.

Is football the most dangerous sport?

No. compared to competitive is crazy easy and yes i have played both. If you want more information, then look up the question : What is the most dangerous sport?

Which is more dangerous dancing or football?

football is more dangerous

Which is more dangerous football or hockey?

Hockey is a lot more dangerous than football. But football is still reallly dangerous.

Is netball the most famous sport for women?

It is not the most popular sport. Tennis, basketball and soccer are actually more famous than netball. However, netball is a very popular sport for younger women ages 7-16

How tall is a netball?

Hi Are you talking about the sport Netball? If so... it doesn't have a height. If not, try researching some more! Are you talking about a netball ball?

Is skateboarding one of the dangers sport?

It all depends on how far you go I'd say football is more dangerous

Which is most popular football netball golf swimming tennis badminton?

Football is probably more popular as a spectator sport than any of the other sports listed. It seems likely that golf is more popular as a participant sport than any of the other sports listed.

Why is netball seen as not a real sport?

Netball is not seen as a real sport because it is based on another sport, its brother basketball. Netball originated from basketball not that long a time ago, which is another reason why people don't regard netball as a sport. However, that way of thinking may change very soon when netball becomes more popular. Also, netball is a sport played only by girls which restricts the popularity. If netball was played by boys than it may become part of the Olympics.

Why there is no male netball tournament?

Netball is a more female game than male. It is a bit like football, which is more for males than females although some females do play football so males can play netball if they want to.

What is the most watch sport wrestling or football?

Football is a more watched sport.

What is sport is more popular hockey or football?


What sport is so dangerous besides cheerleading?

Statistics show that cheerleading is THE most dangerous sport in the US with more youth and female injuries than any other sport. Others that come close are Rugby, Ice Hockey, and Tackle Football

Who pays more football or hockey?

football, more people are into that sport

Which is a harder sport boxing or football?

Boxing, the training is much more intense, and the actual competing in the sport needs much more stamina, strength and skill. Boxing works both upper and lower body, and is really hard to perfect you breathing techniques. Training includes much more than football, and you are required to be much fitter to do boxing than football. \more muscles are used in the sport, and the sport is much more dangerous.

Between soccer and football which sport is the most dangerous?

In my own idea I think that football is more dangerous then soccer that's because in football the idea is to try to get the ball to touchdown by pushing into people and making them fall, in soccer people have a ball that they have to get into the goal post, sometimes tripping or twisting something. But playing football is really more dangerous then soccer.... ............. Hope this helps you.................

Which will cause more danger to a person football or cheerleading?

Football is a far more dangerous sport than cheerleading. Don't get me wrong Cheerleading is dangerous but in football you get at least 5 concussions a game... Very minor concussions which add up and can lead to coma or even death when cheerleading the WORST thing that'd happen is breaking your neck and maybe being paralyzed. Football is more dangerous!

Which sport gets paid more cricket or football?


Which sport is watched more football or basketball?

it must be football

Witch sport is more athletic football or hockey?


What sport is more popular in America soccer or football?